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Friday, 22 March 2013

Are you Awesome?

I'm getting a lot of commissions for these personalised plates - they seem to meet a demand for a 'special present' which is also 'something a bit different'.  This one I just made is for a 70th birthday and it pretty much speaks for itself.

I have never met the 'Robin' in question, but when my 18year old saw me making this, he remarked,   "Wow ... Robin sounds awesome!"  Obviously, in the eyes of an 18 year old, Robin at 70 should have one foot in the grave, rather than both feet on skis, the golf course or the tennis court!

Making the tennis racket was easier than you might imagine.  Over the years I have collected all sorts of bits and bobs for my clay tool box.  Below you can see the oval shape of an old yoghurt pot which cut out the racket head, an old tube for the tennis ball and a strip of some sort of matting/baking sheet thing from the pound shop, which made the strings.  See - easy!

For the golf clubs, I just drew them onto clay and cut round with a knife.  Then simply position the motif onto the plate, and smooth the edges with a wet paint brush.

Apply a few details and always have in mind how you might glaze it when it re-appears from the kiln. A sewing thread spool was impressed into the wheel to make the detail there.

But not being quite as awesome as Robin, I know nothing of skiing (or golf or tennis either!) and so I unfortunately gave the poor chap only one skiing-stick-thingy-whatever they're called.  Does that mean he will ski in circles forever, like when you lose an oar in a rowing boat?

In order to be this awesome at 70, I think I shall have to start being more active NOW!  And I really will .... once Spring comes back again.  I knew I spoke too soon in my last post!!

Are you really sporty and active for your age?  I bet you're all seriously awesome!

x Cathy

Monday, 4 March 2013

If I Ruled The World ....

.... Every day would be the first day of Spring! 

And then I would blog everyday instead of hibernating for two months til the sun came out again. Sorry people!!
And today, here, is really the first day it has truly felt like Spring.  Glorious sunshine, milky blue skies, but still a bit nippy.  Not only did I emerge from beneath my quilt today, but I even ventured outdoors for a long walk and took this photo to prove it!

I have been having a well-earned break from the pottery, but the orders are starting to come in now, so I must get back in the studio and crack on.
I have not been completely pot-free though.  This is a plate I made for my lovely Aunty's 80th birthday in January. Regular readers know how much I enjoy making these, and it's all the more special when the person is someone close to you.

The wet clay stage - impressing lace flowers into the border.
Once fired, and glazing almost complete, ready for second firing.
And Hey Presto!  Out of the second firing and looking good.

My Aunty likes baking!

And Knitting
And staying in her caravan by the sea!

The seaside here is Bridlington on the East coast where I spent many a childhood summer holiday and so in turn did my children.  
See!   I'm looking forward to Summer already, now that I've come out of hibernation!  

Now - I shall pay a much belated visit to all your blogs to see what you've been up to.

x Cathy