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Friday, 29 July 2011

Hearts and Flowers

What do you think of these little heart brooches? They are about 3cm across and I made them during my mammoth button making episode a few weeks ago.
I've never done jewellery before, but for fairly chunky things like these, I think ceramic works quite well.

And if you should spot anyone out and about wearing one of these, it is probably me. Well - they say it pays to advertise!

You might remember the large patchwork platter I was making a while ago too. This is how it came out. I'm not sure if the pale colours are really to my own personal taste, but I hope someone out there will like it as it is off to a gallery next week.

Technically, I am pleased with it and may make another in a different colour scheme.

By the way, you may like to know that last week a certain department store which stocks my work was asking about items for the up-coming Chr****** Season.
That's the first mention of the unmentionable 'C' word this year - in JULY!!
Only how many Shopping Days til ...... ?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blogging - Awards and Giveaways

A big thanks to Callie at MuMu and Squeak's Place for awarding me with the above. I think I now have to tell you seven things you didn't know about me, and probably didn't want to know either, but here goes:

~ I am ashamed to say I had the heating on today as I got a bit cold - IN JULY!! Shhh - don't tell anyone!

~ I still haven't really got to grips with blogging - I sometimes send comments three times thinking they've not got through, then realise they are 'awaiting approval' from the owner! They must think I am MAD!

~ Favourite film actor is James Stewart. Favourite film actress is Audrey Hepburn.

~ Weird things I can do : wiggle baby toe independently of the others. Touch nose with tongue. Wiggle ears. Raise each eyebrow individually. Have been surprised to find that not everyone is born with these gifts. (Stop it now - you look really silly!!)

~ Favourite food : anything almondy. Almonds (obviously), marzipan, any cake using ground almonds instead of flour, and of course Amaretto as a late night tipple.

~ I have been on a low carb eating regime for years and would not eat any other way. I love to eat masses of fruit and veg, rather than stodgy bread and cakes. I am not a saint though, and I do indulge once in a while, as a treat.

~ Looking forward to: going to Latitude Festival this weekend - to see Paolo Nutini !! I shall not be bopping, more like hopping (due to sprained ankle). Its gonna rain all day so looks like being a real 'wellies' festival!

Now, I think I am supposed to nominate
several of you for this same award
and then you can tell us about yourselves too!
Well, you know, you are all wonderfully versatile bloggers,
and so if you would like to do this,
please leave a comment to that effect
and consider yourself nominated!!

Above and below are two fantastic giveaways going on at the moment. Click below to investigate each.

Gillyflower at

Crafts@Home at

Catch up with you again next week. Have a fun rainy July weekend!!

All the Best

Cathy x