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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Baby Bunting

Just brought to fruition a slightly wacky idea (even for me!) - ceramic bunting! Made serveral sets and strung one of them up in my living room.
Have been looking forward to summer when no outdoor event is complete without its cheery, fluttery bunting. But in the meantime, my spirits lift each time I walk in and look above the hearth. Little multicoloured ceramic flags on white ribbon - and it just brightens up the whole room. Really just put it up to see if it looked OK, but its definitely staying! Our fireplace is always sumtuously dressed at Christmas time, and this is now going to be its Spring/Summer outfit.
Am visualising this also looking really effective in a seaside themed room in my coastal retreat (also only 'visualising' said retreat). Thinking of making sets in just pastels and some in bolds, and maybe some in reds/greens/gold for Christmas. Mmmmm!

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  1. love your ceramic bunting, such fun! thanks for your comment on my blog, and welcome to blogland, hope you enjoy x