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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Full of Care !

I feature on the UK Handmade blog today.
Have a look if you have a few minutes.

The definition below of the word 'handmade' is simple and to the point.
The crucial words there, I think, are 'with care'.
That's what makes handmade products so special.

And whilst I often feel like a machine when I am really busy,
a machine could not put its heart and soul into the finished product,
cos it aint got one!

The 'craftsmanship' is for the end-user to judge.
But I like to think that it is something which flows fairly naturally
out of all that 'caring' about what you make.


  1. Just found you via UK Handmade - what beautiful work! may have to do a little post on all those little buttons I spy...

  2. Great post on the UK hand made blog - really interesting, and I love the vases with the buttonhole stitch.

  3. BAB - please feel free to post on the buttons.
    Suzanne - am not a sewing person so am happy if I have somehow done a 'buttonhole' stitch!

  4. How lovely! Your work epitomizes the definition of handmade.

  5. That is beautiful, I like the quilting effect and fluted edges.