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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowflake fun

I got some snowflake cookie cutters a while ago to make Christmas biscuits, but couldn't wait to use them, so I tried them out on clay. Sometimes, its just nice to mess around a bit and leave the larger, serious pots for later (not too much later though!).

We've had a fair bit of snow here and it all looks really pretty and feels really freezing! I've gone into hibernation mode and am enjoying cosy open fires, hot tea, candlelight, and making Christmassy things like these.

They say no two snowflakes are identical - well mine sure aren't.

A certain 15 year old boy had a go at making one of these too. I said the only thing to bear in mind was that every snowflake is symmetrical - so being a teenager with a mind of his own, he deliberately made one that is anything but. That one is still to be fired and so not shown here.

These are pictured hanging outside on my Rosemary bush, which is still covered in snow today - its going nowhere, it seems.

Am pleased with the way they turned out - only hope I can get all the clay off the cutters in time to make the biscuits in a few weeks!


  1. they are GORGEOUS xxx stay warm.

  2. Another lovely post. It must be so satisfying to be creative. I do love this season.

  3. Oh they are just wonderful and great hanging from your rosemary with the hint of snow.

  4. Be carefull not to mix them with the baked ones :)
    Catherine, I need your address ;)