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Friday, 9 September 2011

How to make a Pinwheel

Well, you CAN make a pinwheel easily from a square of paper, with a few snips and folds and a pin in the middle, voila!

Or you can do it with clay, like this. The Pinwheel pattern is my favourite Quilt Block and I make more of these than any other design. The one above is glazed and waiting to be fired.

And this is the finished product. It's such a clear, simple pattern, but effective.

I'm pleased with the red dotty border because I like the way the soft, irregularity of the outer edges ....

contrasts with the straight inner border made up of a double row of winding leaves,

and also with the rigidity of the central pattern.

Sorry - I've gone all 'arty' on you, but all in all, this one is a definite success in terms of colour, form, pattern, the lot.

I shall make more!

Bye for now

Cathy X


  1. Haven't been around for a while but it's all as gorgeous as ever. You've just started me wanting the bunting again, I must pop into Grapevine to have a look. Glad I've whetted your appetite over Dungeness, I think some people find it a bit bleak and harsh, but that's what gives it it's beauty!
    Penny x

  2. It's patchwork pottery! You made me smile right in the middle of thinking about 'cleaning'- Thank you!

  3. It's gorgeous, you should definitely make more, and we don't mind you going all arty on us.

  4. I love them. It's great to see something I am used in fabric in a different medium.

  5. Pinwheels are fun to make from fabric too,if you get the seams on the back right they all go around in a circle in an absurdly satisfying manner.Well, I find it absurdly satisfying.I don't get out much......lovely pots,I like the way the patterning goes in and it goes out.

  6. Lovely as ever. Just catching up. Particularly like your driftwood signs...

  7. Lovely! I've just spotted that you pieces at Snape Maltings which is just a couple of miles from me. I will go and have a look one day as i'd love to have a proper look at the real things!

  8. I like an arty post! Not being a creative type myself I am fascinated by those who are. I do like the colours you use.

  9. Hi Cathy,
    Wow the detail in your pinwheels is amazing. I especially love the colours of the second one.
    I really enjoyed your explanation of why the different elements work so well together, I have learned something and am sure the principles apply to all sorts of things.

  10. Thanks for popping by, I'm so glad you did as I have been able to take a peek at your beautiful work. PS we holidayed in Northumberland earlier this year and went to Lindisfarne too, stunning place...and guess where my husband was born..none other than Norfolk...small world..

  11. What a gorgeous bowl, seemed to have missed this when it was posted :(
    Sue Xxx