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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well, OK, maybe not just yet! But I have been up to my elbows in Snowflakes just lately. There they are above ready to be fired and here they are below after their second firing.

As you can see, no two snowflakes are the same, just like real ones. I did wonder if that were really true though, so I did some research on your behalf (that's ok, it was no trouble) and the answer I liked the best is :

How can you ever be sure no two snowflakes are alike since you cannot possibly check them all to find out!

They've yet to get their little hanging wires attached, but above are this year's and below are last year's. This year I came over all sensible and just stuck to three colours - red, green and gold - which is more traditionally Christmassy, whereas last year I just went a bit mad with them.

The actual scientific answer is of course that some small 'snow crystals' (kind of embryos of your fully grown snowflake) can look the same, but no two 'complex snowflakes', out of all those made over the entire history of the planet have ever looked completely alike. I find that fact staggering!

Anyway, my own 'complex snowflakes' are now featured in the Christmas Catalogue for Norwich's famous independent Department Store, Jarrolds, along with my angels and other decorative bits and pieces.

They are selling at £7.00 each, which is a whole pound less than last Christmas, so they are an absolute giveaway!

And a Giveaway is precisely what they will be, here in Blogsville, in a few weeks' time, when I get back from a little jaunt I'm now off on!

p.s. Sorry for mentioning Christmas in October, let alone SNOW!
Perish the thought - literally!

Bye for now

Cathy x


  1. So pretty - I may have to make a trip to Norwich.
    Enjoy your jaunt!

  2. Love them. Have a good trip.

  3. Saw them in the catalogue yesterday and great stuff as usual.

  4. They are gorgeous, I love the Christmassy colours, but I like last years too.... and I love your angels as well :)

    Have a super time away, I know you will :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. Love them Cathy.
    Have fun!

  6. They are fab! Definitely worth a trip to Norwich. I like last year's as well, and the angels, and the birds. I want them all! Have a lovely jaunt. x

  7. I have to say your snow flakes and angels are beautiful. dee x

  8. Just love these snowflakes, they are wonderful!
    Hope you have a good trip!
    Gill xx

  9. Lovely- yet another reason for wanting to be in Norwich!

  10. Snow ,snow, snoooowwwww. There's a song there somewhere ;).
    Just lovely.

  11. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad because it led me to yours. Those snowflakes are just beautiful and so original to have them in ceramics, but then as I scrolled down I found your other lovelies too. Off to the website now

  12. They are lovely. My kind of snow, neither wet nor chilly ;D

  13. Hi, Just found your blog love your snowflakes will have to have a look when next in norwich. Also really like your driftwood signs love the colours you used. x

  14. They're gorgeous Cathy. Must fit in a trip to Norwich before Christmas...

  15. You are not forgiven for mentioning that chrimbly word but completely forgiven because those snow flakes are gorgeous!

  16. So pretty. Lovely to see Christmas decorations that don't include glitter - I'm done with glitter!

  17. This is very odd. I could have sworn I had left you a comment yesterday but it isnt here. Hmmm. strange goings on. However, just wanted to say that I loved the snowflakes and having dabbled, stress the word 'dabbled' a bit with clay I can appreciate what went into their production. Sadly too far for a quick trip to Norwich.