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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Life and Love

Life and Love - what's it all about?  Don't ask me.
I'm not about to go all philosophical on you!  
I don't really think that I think Life's a Beach though.

And as for Love - well that's always a work in progress
as far as I can gather.

So whilst I'm mulling it all over I'll stick with the words
of Dorothy Parker - who always had something apt to 
say about most things :

Oh, Life is a glorious cycle of song
A medley of extemporania
And Love is a thing that can never go wrong
And I am Marie of Romania.

Now, just off to look up 'extemporania' in the dictionary
and .... who was Marie of Romania, anyway?
You see, I'm none the wiser really! 

x Cathy


  1. Cathy, I love that plaque- I have been down to my beach but today to scrub it clean and prepare it for the season!
    Heather x

  2. I just found your blog from Meredith Heywood's blog, Whynot Pottery. Your work is like a breath of fresh air! Enjoyed looking at your blog very much!

  3. Favorite Dorothy Parker story from the early, broke days of the New Yorker. Most of the staff was downstairs at the bar. Ross came down and demanded to know why they weren't upstairs working. Miss Parker, without missing a beat, replied,"Some one was using the pencil,"

    Love Life's a Beach

  4. Loving your latest works, gorgeous colours - and the words of Dorothy Parker - now I have to go look up that word too!

  5. Marie of Romania was a grand-daughter of Queen Victoria who led a very interesting and somewhat scandalous life.
    I do not think she had any pottery skills

    I love Dorothy Parker quotes too!

    I think that 'Extemporania' is a collection of unprepared/disordered trivia - and THAT doesn't apply to your fabulous creations either.

    great post!! Lenten blessings xx

  6. Knowing Dorothy Parker's habits, she picked the name because it scanned, but I've just spent a fascinating five minutes on wikipedia finding out about Marie of Romania!

  7. Great post! Thanks for the laugh.

  8. There can never be too much love.

  9. Yes, I think someone should commit the acid wit of Dorothy Parker to a series of samplers. What a woman!