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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Little and Large

These are the little ones - five inches square little plates, each depicting a very simple, unadorned, quilt-block pattern.  Top left, going clockwise, we have 'Bow Ties', 'Washington's Puzzle', 'Windmill', 'Party Hats', 'Nelson's Victory' and 'Waterwheel'.  They're bright and fun and together like this they make their own little ceramic sampler quilt!
They are some of the smaller pieces going to the National Trust shops, along with the larger pieces like this one below, fresh out of the kiln today, if I can bear to part with it.

The meeting last week with the other local suppliers was good fun. There was a jams-and-chutneys lady, a locally-produced-chocolate chap, an infused-oils lady, and so on.  Lots of food tasting going on, and to be honest I really wasn't sure about the chocolate at first.  It took several mouthfuls morsels, before I decided that it was, in fact, quite delicious.

The Trust people were lovely hosts, and gave us all lunch and a guided tour of parts of Oxborough Hall with magnificent sunny-day views from the top over the surrounding countryside.  
And what about this glorious sunny weather though!  I'm now suffering the same motion-sickness I had last year from lying on the garden swing seat too long - I obviously need more practice til I get used to it!

But it's odd that I should be so attached to this particular piece really, when you realise that its block-pattern is called .....  'Contrary Wife' ! 
Who me?  Never!   Well, I suppose you'd have to ask Mr PotterJotter about that one.  Second thoughts, no, don't!  

Contrary - a lovely word for "inclined to oppose stubbornly", according to the dictionary.   Maybe there's a 'Contrary Hubby' pattern waiting to be designed by someone out there!  Hmmm!



  1. I love your big plate/dish? and your little ones too, Its nice that the NT is ordering from local people, I hope the general public appreciate it and buy lots :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Love the muted colours of these and well done getting your work into the National Trust, what an honour but well deserved.

  3. They are lovely pieces - not at all what I would expect to see in an NT shop, so I hope they sell really well!

  4. Contrary wife, Ha, better not let my Gary read this, chocolate yummy and those small square plates, so chipper looking, love all the colors and variety.

  5. I can quite understand your being attached to the big block bowl, it is very lovely indeed.I so enjoy your crinkly edges,oh that one could do that with fabric.

  6. I love the spring-like colours of these pieces.

  7. I love your idea of using simple traditional quilt blocks designs on clay, they are lovely!
    And the large bowl is wonderful - i love the crinkly edge and the spotted surround, so delicate and pretty - I wouldn't be able to part with it,it is beautiful.

    Hope you had a great Easter holiday
    Gill xx