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Friday, 27 April 2012

Hearts and Hens

Am up to my eyes in hens and hearts of all varieties.

Flowery ones

Patchwork ones

Weird 'twiggy' ones

but little bits like these are a useful way to test out different colour combinations.  I have also been making just as many larger bowls, etc, but as I am running out of shelf space, they immediately get packed away in boxes ready to be shipped off to their customers.

And all kinds of hearts are finding their way into the mix too.

These above are made with Indian textile printing stamps.

and, of course, it will be the big excitement of my second Blog Birthday in a few weeks' time and I am sure one or two of these bits and pieces will need re-homing, so don't stray too far - I feel a Birthday Giveaway looming up!

Next week I will show you some weird and wonderful commissions I've been asked to do.

But for now, have a gloriously warm, sunny, bright, dry weekend everyone! 
Well, OK, but maybe if we all close our eyes really tight and cross our fingers and toes at the same time and wish really hard, it might happen?

Best wishes

Cathy x


  1. Hmm, I fear you may be a tad disappointed, weatherwise! My other half will be getting ever-so-slightly damp, I think, at the East Anglian Countryside Show, but I'm not that daft.

    I love the new stuff, Cathy, hens and hearts feature often in my textile work, and I'm enjoying the colours and patterns here.

    Looking forward to glimpsing your commissions.

  2. What a neat way to do tests....they look so yummy!

    Sunny today and probably tomorrow...more rain sunday, but we still need it so I'm not complaining!

    Happy week end!

  3. I love your work, and these hearts and hens are no exception! They are AmAZing. have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Beautiful work Cathy- I am well into hearts! You are one busy lady!!
    Heather xx

  5. Cathy I love those hens, they are fabulous. I have been so thrilled my pottery has been selling away, I will post photos soon I promise, it is such a boost as you never know if people will actually like your own styles and designs so I am feeling very happy.
    The weather here has been so sunny, but with a cold wind, just gorgeous....

  6. I want them all. Up to my eyeballs in hens too! Really like the twiggy one.

  7. lovely hens!
    I don't know about a sunny weekend, but we might just get a decent morning tomorrow!!

  8. I am seriously in love with all your creations! Love those hearts and hens!

  9. Love the hens but the hearts for me everytime !I love them all....
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  10. I love the hens they are such fun.

  11. re porcelain. Audrey Blackman porcelain is the best for throwing.
    It will seem stiff, but the more you work it, the softer it is almost thixotropic.(sp?) With porcelain, as with throwing earthenware, you decide which direction you're going in (bowl, mug, etc) and that is the way you changing your mind halfway through!! Also, throw with slip (ie just clay + water) and not water alone which wets it more and shortens the time you have throw your pot.
    Some people do not use their porcelain reclaim because they do not wish to risk any contamination. You may have to pay for it, but it will certainly be better than £18 a bag!!

  12. I love the hens and hearts!!

  13. You've been very busy, and creating so many charming patterns, too!

  14. Loooove the hens!!!! The hearts too, but your hens are new to me :)
    You're on the roll, girl!

  15. I really like the weird twiggy ones. Sunshine? Blue sky? I have forgotten what both look like. x