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Thursday, 26 July 2012

To Russia with Love

One of the things I love about blogging is that you learn about the way people all over the world live their lives - the small, perhaps unimportant, (but very interesting),  aspects of their daily lives that are lived out in a culture a little removed from one's own.  The thing that usually comes across is that despite all the differences, we are all so similar in many ways!

So I have enjoyed reading about Natalia's life in Moscow in her blog  She has a lovely blog, like a breath of fresh air, and the things she makes are gorgeous.

She wrote to me some weeks ago asking if I could make her some hanging teapots, all with different flowers on them and all in different colours. And then she asked for one with a special design, below, which I suppose had to happen sooner or later this year!

I have to say, I had never sent anything to Russia before, but I thought I'd give it a go.  The package cost £6.00, which I thought was very cheap,  and off it went by Airmail.  The post office chap said it might get inspected and even opened at Customs, so I was unsure what might happen next!

Three weeks later and Natasha had still not received the package, so I went down to the village post office to complain to the post man!
And what do you know .....  the very next day Natasha emailed me to say it had all arrived safely and that she was delighted with the contents, which she was giving to members of her family!

So all's well that ends well.

Have a lovely weekend all.  It's the Cambridge Folk Festival for us this weekend ....  so I'd better find my wellies!  I reckon the ideal Festival gear would be those really long wellies that fishermen wear that turn into dungarees and allow them to stand in the middle of a river to do their fly fishing!  I can just see me in some of them!

(Lynne - bet your Jim's got some he could lend me?)

x Cathy


  1. The teapots are charming. Don't you love the thought of your work traveling far and wide.

    I just love the quilt bowl and the story behind it!

  2. Absolutely agree about learning about other people all over the world. I have become quite friendly with a couple of women in rural Australia....
    My problem with mailing to Russia (and I occasionally do)is that there is no tracking, except for VERY big bucks.

  3. Fantastic tea pots-and going all that way!! Enjoy the folk festival, fingers crossed for good weather

  4. Hope the weather holds up for the Festival! I'm so glad the teapots got to Russia safely.

  5. It is dry ( for a change) here and BAKING hot- hope your weekend isn't too muddy or wet!Brilliant that the pots got all the way there unscathed.

  6. LOVE the teapots! Have fun at the festival, and I'm wishing you lots of glorious sunshine :D

  7. Oh those teapots are so fun! I especially love the union jack one!
    Victoria xx

  8. Hello, Cathy! Thank you so much sweet friend for all your kind words :o) I'm so touched...thank you :o) Right now trying to fix the problem with my computer and writing this with my mobile devise :o) I'm so glad that all my pictures of your GORGEOUS TEAPOTS are safe now :o) and hope today I'll be able to post about YOU and YOUR SUPER CUTE TEAPOTS too :o)
    Lot of love from Russia
    Natasha and Fam.

  9. Cathy I'm so pleased that Natalia got in touch with you and ordered the 'teapots'..they're gorgeous, she is rightly thrilled with them.

    Oh you lucky thing - hope the weather holds for the Festival...thoug tyou really do need to have the 'mud experience'.

    And yes, Jim does have those truly exotic, sexy fishing 'onesies', I always insist he tries them on for me...........

  10. Lovely work and so glad they made it to their destination in the end. Have a lovely time at the Cambridge Festival! ... :0)

  11. The teapots are great! Lucky Natalia!
    Do you have them in your shop too?

    Have a great time at the Festival.
    Sandie xx

    1. Hi Sandie - Yes I believe they are on my website, along with all the other hanging decorations, last time I looked! C.

  12. What nice little teapots. No matter where we live, we like to sit around and have a cuppa in various ways! Glad they got there eventually and Natasha is delighted with them.

  13. Love your teapots!! I'm so glad they arrived, It's a horrible feeling that things might be lost. You are so right about the waders fishermen wear being good for festivals, that could really take off! Enjoy the festival.

  14. Great little teapots, I have to say I even like the flag one and I don't usually go for that sort of thing! Customers in Russia - the world is your oyster. Well done!

  15. Fab little teapots. Great that your work is going out into the world. Hope to order something from you at Christmas.

  16. brava! sono bellissimi!!!
    un saluto

  17. 3 weeks is about normal to moscow my son lives there with his girlfriend and that is about how long my parcels to them takes just start to panic and it arrives :)))))))