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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Victorian Colours

I had a meeting a few weeks ago with the buyer for the gift shops in the museums in Norwich, of which there are many, big and small, quirky and wonderful.  She liked my wares and has ordered some stock to be delivered in October, but she specifically liked the pieces in what she termed the "Victorian colours".
 Which is funny, because I've said here quite often that my personal taste is for the browns and greens and ochres that I use.
 But I never thought of them as 'Victorian' before now, though I can absolutely see what she means ...
 and if you look at any Victorian tiles in a period hallway, you will see these earthy, muted tones.
 So, I think they will look very at home in the Castle Museum, or the Bridewell Museum in Norwich.
 I'm beginning to think that I should be in a museum too, as I feel suddenly very old.  This little boy here with the sad look on his two year old ice-lolly covered face ......
graduated from university on Thursday with a First Class Honours degree in English.  Where did that time go?
The boy done good! 

So .... now that that is over, me and the mister are off to Italy for a few weeks, on a road trip up through the Chianti region and taking in Sienna, Florence and Pisa.  

See you in a few weeks.

x Cathy x


  1. Enjoy your road trip!

    Purple is another very Victorian colour, but you seem not to use that one...!

  2. I agree about the 'Victorian colours' the tiles on my fire surround are very similar. Congratulations to your young man on his acheivment and good luck and enjoy your road trip.

  3. Enjoy your trip and a big well done to your son. I love your Victorian colours as well. There are many Victorian buildings in Folkestone with wonderful facades and some still have their original tiled paths and those are the colours used - perfect.

    Interestingly the Victorians were also big fans of Berlin Work - tapestry patterns using Yarns from Germany that were dyed in bright acid colours using the, then brand new, acid dyes.

  4. Please post some road trip photos from your trip to Italy! Someday I'll go down to Montgomery County here in North Carolina (a 45 minute drive from Greensboro) and take photos of the potters there - close to 100 studios in the area. I think you would enjoy it. I have many pieces of North Carolina pottery bought over the years, but all mainly utilitarian in their design - nothing like what you produce which is so lovely.

  5. Oh how wonderful to be visiting Italy & on a road trip. Enjoy the food, wine, colours & time together.

  6. congrats to your son! and enjoy your trip x

  7. The boy did do good!
    Well done and congratulations to Patrick!
    Love the soft colours on those dishes, and such pretty designs, no wonder they are in demand.
    Have a wonderful trip in Italy - I would imagine the weather will still be glorious!
    Gill xx

  8. Congrats on the sales and to your son. Have fun in Italy.

  9. I like the Victorian colours too :)

    Huge well done to your son!

  10. Wow fabulous news on your son's degree, fantastic achievement. Love to see how your designs have developed over the time I have been following your blog. Have a fabulous holiday.

  11. Those colours are beautiful! Will have to pop along to the Castle to see them! Congratulations to your Son!

  12. That's definitely a Victorian look you've got there, Cathy. Hope you do well with them.

    My fave places to be...Florence, Sienna....and don't forget San Gimiano....oooooooh SO jealous!!!

  13. Well done Patrick, may the future be very bright indeed. Enjoy your holiday, you lucky thing. x

  14. have a good time and i look forward to seeing your photos. xxx

  15. I love the colors that you're working with, especially the ochre. Please tell your son congrats for me! Have a great trip and take lots of photos.

  16. I just love your quilted pottery. If I thought something could make it's way to Iowa, USA, I would be tempted to order a piece from you. It is so unique, just love it!! I really enjoy following your blog also. I hope you will find time to visit mine. I have given you an Award, I hope it pleases you as it did me. Sandy

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