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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wood Block Printing

I have been having the most fun recently with all my wooden textile printing blocks - obviously not to print textiles with, though that looks like fun too actually! These are a few I have collected and use the most often.

To press into wet clay to make patterns, like these.

adding surface pattern and loads of texture at the same time.

To avoid the block sticking in the clay, I rub a bit of olive oil over it first - it all burns off in the kiln, so no matter. 

And then I just choose which aspects of the pattern I will pick out, and in which glaze colours.  Orange and brown is not my colour scheme of choice, but I have to keep in mind that I am not the buyer!

If I were, I think something blue and yellow is more me, but we're all different...

The ruler below the pics is meant to show their size - this one below is only 6 inches diameter.

And this tiny one fits into my hand.

Not quilt-based this time, but still textile inspired. I think if you love pattern, you just notice it everywhere. 

I am seriously thinking of impressing the gorgeous pattern from the soles of my slippers into a clay piece - or is that going too far??

x Cathy


  1. Love those, they're gorgeous!

  2. Not too far! Go for it. I love them all. x

  3. inspirational.....I love the way you combine different crafts. Thanks for your comment on my blog post....I know what you mean about ironing.....hate it with a vengenance

  4. I too have some of those self-same blocks...they work way better impressing than they do printing!

  5. They've worked beautifully, and I would love to see the impression of your slipper sole used for artistic purposes!

  6. You have a true talent for using stamps to the best effects, I'm drawn to the last little, so perfect.
    Ummmm...with basket work too?

  7. They really are effective, Cathy. I was about to jump in and say they are rubbish for printing, the wooden Indian variety, because they are often too shallow to make an image on fabric but to use them on clay making an impression - genius! Lx

  8. Such brilliant patterns and designs. I love the colour schemes. x Jo

  9. I like the idea of using the pattern on the bottom of your slippers. Try it and see. Then take a picture and let us see as well.

    I would love to get into block printing. Unfortunately, in my area of Kent such classes are pretty much non-existent. We tend to get forgotten down here below London. Where do you collect your blocks from? I see Lynne's remark about them being too shallow to make an image on fabric. What about paper? Would they be effective on paper using ink transfer dyes so that it could then be ironed onto fabric?

  10. Your pottery is so pretty! Under your designer/artist eye those wood blocks really shine!

  11. They're all lovely, but I think that last is most me!

    And when it comes to the pattern impressing ... anything goes :D

  12. Love the little one at the end, really is my colours.
    I have a couple of those blocks and keep meaning to do some printing with them but never seem to find the time.

  13. These are lovely. I like the orange and brown, but the red and green is my favourite. I think you should definitely use the bottom of your slippers.

  14. More stunning creations! Go ahead , use your slipper, I know it will turn out beautifully under your creative eye.

  15. I would say go for it. What a good idea! Loving the bowl patterns.

  16. Love the red and green with the speckled blue in the centre. Wish I had a good eye for colour.