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Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Little Things

It's the little things in life which make all the difference - we all know that.  So when the National Trust's Anglesey Abbey order 70 little things from me, it really does make a difference!

As well as the usual hearts, hens, fish and birdhouses, I have extended the hanging decoration range to incorporate these:

and these:

(I love my hand-made ceramic beads!  They just come out so wonderfully glossy.)

And these:

though if you forced a full-size version of the camper-van on me ....  I wouldn't say no!

Speaking of Little Things, I took several pieces featured in recent blogs over to The Little Gallery in Dereham yesterday.  It is a super little place, full of the most gorgeous art and crafts .... I had to steel myself not to come out with more than I took in!  And I have to say, it is the friendliest gallery I have ever encountered.  Whilst I was there, folks just walked in off the street for a chat with Judy, the lovely owner.  They do craft workshops and all sorts of things, so if you're local or on holiday, do pop in!

Just a Little post from Little me for now.

X Cathy


  1. Love the flowerpots - well done! Jane x

  2. Those should just walk off the shelves- really nice stuff Cathy!

  3. Well done with the NT stuff. Will check out the Dereham Gallery when I am there in half term week x

  4. These are all absolutely adorable! My sister in law took me to The Little Gallery a couple of weeks ago on our hols in Dereham, but it was closed due to a family event. So I had to be content with staring longingly into the window :-/ Perhaps I'll send her on a buying mission!

  5. How wonderful that they ordered all those lovely things, I haven't been there for a while but I'll look out for them when I next go, if there are any left that is! I love the flowerpots and camper vans - and yes I'd love a full size old camper van too :-)

  6. Oh my goodness, your little things are so wonderful!! Those are going to fly out the door and they'll be ordering again in no time!!

  7. It sounds as though Anglesey Abbey is well worth a visit. And even though I'm not a camping sort of person, I think the caravan and the campervan are wonderful!

  8. Love your new range Cathy! They are all so sweet, and I especially love those bird houses and the campervans. They are sure to sell well!

    The Dereham gallery sounds a great place to visit.

    Gill xx

  9. That's a splendid range, bet they will be a big hit. I love the caravans as we have one parked outside for overflow guests!

  10. Your little things are quite nice! I love the camper vans and I bet they will be a great hit. Very creative.

  11. I love the caravans! And if you offered me a full size one of those I would be very happy.

  12. Gorgeous little caravans ... but I still think that the hens are my favourites :)