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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Work, New Gallery

We had a very rushed trip down to the Suffolk coast last week to the Gallery at Snape Maltings - they had rung me the previous Saturday to ask if I could show them some of my work with a view to exhibiting in their gallery. Fortunately they liked what they saw and asked me there and then to leave it all with them.

Some of the pieces were the Quilt inspired bowls, but others were new work which came out of the kiln last week, but still very 'textiley' in nature. Will post on this new stuff soon.

Whilst we were there they had a huge textiles exhibition going on in one of the many buildings on the site, but as I say, we were in a mad rush that day, and couldn't stop. We did manage tea and cake in their cafe though - we weren't THAT short of time.

Its a fabulous place - a lovely complex situated in a glorious part of the Suffolk coast near Aldeburgh, with shops, antiques, galleries, exhibitions, cafe, etc. You could easily spend a long morning or afternoon wandering around there. I love that my galleries are in such nice places, so that delivering stock turns into a pleasant, relaxed day out - usually. Next time we go, will take some pics of the place!


  1. I've just had a look at their website - what a lovely lovely place. How great it must be to be going to such fantastic places and for work as well!

  2. Oh my goodness. Your ceramics are beautiful - so like little patchworks and folk stitcheries. I will be back over here for sure (I hopped here from Driftwood).