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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Quilt by any other Name

When I discovered Quilt Block patterns and decided to use them as inspiration for my patchwork bowls, I never imagined that there was such a wealth of history behind the designs, and especially their names. I am an absolute newcomer to the world of Quilting, and am sure there are those out there who know far more about all this than me. I know that there are biblical names, such as 'Job's Trouble', or 'Joseph's Coat', and names taken from Trades, such as 'Monkey Wrench' and 'Saw-Tooth'.

I can see why the above pattern is called 'Party Hats' because, well, it looks like party hats.

But what fascinates me most are those with people's names - like this one above which is called 'Oh Susannah'. I keep wondering who Susannah was - is she the same Susannah as in the song we used to sing at school?

And this one - called 'Aunt Dinah' - she sounds like a lovely old lady to me, but guess we'll never know.

Is it like having a Rose named after you ... and to whom do I apply to get my own quilt block design called 'Cathy's Delight' or whatever? Do I have to invent my own pattern and register it with some very solemn authority somewhere? Not serious but ... just wondering.


  1. Hello! Your bowls are lovely - I really like the colours, and the little buttons, and the laced up bits, and the lacy imprint around the edge of the first one... so much to take in! I don't think I've seen anything like these before - you are very talented! And thanks for visiting me!

  2. I love these! Beautiful work - inspired!