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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sing Choirs of Angels ....

So, here are the girlies ... they survived 1040 degrees and their true colours are shining through. My 'army' of angels, as I called them out loud the other day. We then all tried to work out what the correct term is for a group of angels. A 'flock' of angels sounded ok, but I knew that wasn't quite right. Then I remembered the above words from 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and before I knew it we were singing carols in the kitchen before October's out!

But actually, the correct collective noun for a group of angels is a 'host' or 'chorus', apparently. I remember learning all these oddities of the English language, along with my synonyms and antonyms, back at primary school. I know - giving my age away there - they don't learn this stuff these days.

I always liked 'a gaggle of geese' and a 'parliament of owls', and 'an embarrassment of riches' was an oft heard phrase in our house as a child. But I digress ....

There are patchwork angels -

and Flowery angels (below), and stripey ones, dotty ones, zigzaggy ones, plain ones and many more. All are now on my site in the 'Christmas Gallery'.

They look so sweet all sitting here dangling their legs over the edge of my stock shelves. Very cute ... speaking of which, I meant to publicly thank for doing a feature on my work in their blog back in September. Its a delightful blog and will be great for tracking down unusual little Christmas gifts. Have a look.

I do wonder if I should really concentrate on my more serious work, but the galleries did ring to ask if I do anything especially Christmassy, and of course, little bits like the angels fit into all the little gaps in the kiln around the large pieces, so no space is unused, keeping firing costs down.

Larger pieces like this one below, which came out at the weekend. Its my own contemporary take on a patchwork, and was commissioned by someone who visited my Open Studios back in May. They've had a ridiculously long wait for it, so hope they'll think it was worth it!

So, what do we think the correct term for a group of Bloggers should be? Don't think there is one at present. I like a 'babble', but that is already used for a group of .... Barbers .... believe it or not!


  1. I've just hung the washing up thinking of what a group of bloggers maybe... Firstly a great great question.
    A blast of bloggers? This came as I thought 'We could do with a blast of heating.'
    'An orchestra of bloggers' we're all individual but we don't work without each other.

    Final thought I love the image of you all singing Christmas carols in October and 'o come all ye faithful' is my favourite Christmas carol.

  2. such sweet angels, they would surely inspire anyone to sing!
    thanks for your lovely comment about my quilt x

  3. An adorable host of angels.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog x

  4. Hello Catherine, I just found your site today and being a quilt lover for many years I just have to say I am absolutely in love with your work. I think it is brilliant!!! Like nothing I have ever seen before. Just wish it was sold here in the US where I live. I know for certain there are lots of quilt lovers here who would fall head over heels for your beautiful treasures just the way I did as soon as I came across them accidentally today.

    I've been looking at all your work and wondering just how it was that you added such great detail to your pieces and then I saw on a post from a different day where you told how you use lace to press it into them. I would never have figured that out. And, some of them seem to have been done much as an applique quilt would be done where you cut the shapes and apply them to your larger piece of clay or at least that is how I assumed it was done. At any rate you are a very talented and creative lady and, hopefully, one day I will walk into one of my favorite shops here in the US and find your work there. :-)

  5. Thanks for all your comments.
    JHD: 'an orchestra' is good, we'll adopt that!
    Patty: am bowled over by your lovely comments. It makes it all worthwhile! I agree,it would be nice to be in a shop in the US... maybe one day!