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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

So, the above shows about half of those buttons I made threaded onto kiln-proof rods which are then placed onto the 'bead tree'. I don't know why they call it a 'bead tree' as it looks more like an Abacus to me.

The whole thing then goes into the kiln. It is an incredibly fiddly job. If any of those buttons touch each other, their glazes will fuse and the buttons will stick together. As you can see, some of them ARE touching, so more fiddly fiddling was required before blast off.

But they came out really well. This is only about half of them.

I still have loads of smaller ones to glaze, but after doing all these I was risking 'button glazing blindness', so I decided enough was enough.

I particularly like these leafy ones - their pattern is striking and unusual, which appeals to me.

Not sure you'd actually use them as functional buttons, possibly more as ornamentation for a garment, or a bag, or something.

I'll show you the rest of this kiln load next time.

Cheery Bye!



  1. Love the leaf ones they are so unusual.

  2. Ooo....... I love them all! And the last ones are my fav :)
    BTW, what about the BIG piece???

  3. Bozena - patience! You have to wait til next time! It came out very well though!

  4. Cathy - they are gorgeous. I can see me commissioning you at some point, I can see some on my work... :)

  5. They are really beautiful - I can see them looking lovely on a cardi ...

    Pomona x

  6. Lovely to see them glazed. I'll be in touch to buy some for my textiles.

  7. Wow! These are GORGEOUS! Love the little flowery buttons! Cx

  8. My name is Sandie...I'm a buttonoholic!
    They are really , really, nice!

    Sandie xx

  9. They look gorgeous... and all those acorns in your last post - love em!!

  10. Thankyou for calling in on me!! Really get the gardener,chauffeur,cook, cleaner bit on your profile!!! Been there, doing that, definately have the t-shirt!! I love your buttons and those! and it is so long since I've seen or heard cheery bye being used, memories of home - thankyou. Best wishes.

  11. There really beautiful, do you glaze both sides?
    Sue Xxx

  12. Crafts@home - I DO glaze both sides, which makes 'em even more fiddly, but they are then completely washable.

  13. Ive just nominated you for an award over on my blog! :o)

    C x

  14. Oh they are stunning, I covet them! And I too want to see your big piece! It loked lovely in your earleir post and I'm looking foward ot seeing what you do to it next

  15. These buttons are terrific - love the shapes, imprest patterns and the colours.

  16. Oh your buttons are just fabulous! I love the designs. My MIL knits the most beautiful cardigans for my little ones and I think I need to call on you for some soon!