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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Little and Large

So, I'm in a desperate hurry as usual and the above picture is TERRIBLE, I know. The bunting came out beautifully, but you cannot really see it in that picture!!

These close-ups are better. Obviously I have yet to string it all together with some pretty ribbon, which I have still to get.

But it all fitted into the kiln really well around the larger pieces like this one below.

Its a Quilt Block design which I make quite a lot of, called 'Whirling Pinwheel', only this time I have tried to limit the number of colours I use - but there still seem to be a lot in there when I now look at it!

I have just taken on a new gallery in Norwich called The Grapevine - some of you may know it. They now have several of my larger pieces on display, so I expect I shall have to crack on and make a lot more of these now.

Good job I love what I do and that it all has a home to go to in the end!

Bye for now - Cathy.


  1. Beautiful work, love the bunting, and I don't think there are too many colours in the bowl, good luck with the new outlet :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. I am just adoring all your lovely work and pieces... they are wonderful!

  3. The colours are just perfect and would 'go' just about anywhere!
    Love the bunting too!

    Sandie xx

  4. I love the bunting..cute and quirky!

  5. Lovely- and another gallery for me to visit to see your work next time I'm in Norwich!

  6. Love your bunting! How big are the flags and how long is it, can we buy it online?
    Sally x

  7. Hope the gallery is better than the one I visited today...none of my work wonder I had no sales there! (when it is out, it sells!!)

  8. Very good job!
    And I don't understand why you want to limit your colors? They are all beautiful and you use them wisely so, what's wrong with them? I love your colors!

  9. Love the bunting, congrats on the new gallery.

  10. Thanks for visiting me! Your work is beautiful - I love the wavy edges!

  11. Just found your blog and i have to say its warmed my little heart. I love your homemade gifts.

  12. Thats the only trouble with new venues, the work rate has to up to cope. Love your things, very best of luck.

  13. I adore the bunting, it's fabulous.