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Monday, 8 August 2011

Beach Huts, Bunting and Buttons

Well? In the words of Rolf Harris, 'can you tell what it is yet'?

It is the first wet clay stage of my ceramic bunting which seems to be going mad this year. I dropped some off at a gallery last week and it was gone the next day.

Because I don't make large batches of anything, I tend to vary (and hopefully improve) the design each time I make something. I would find making batches of fifty or so cups/jugs, all the same, excruciatingly boring, so this way of working suits me fine.

These strings of bunting will have little hearts and flowers on the flags, as well as the usual stripes and dots. These have just been bisque fired today and are now awaiting a glorious glazing session.

Speaking of Bunting, earlier this year I made a larger one of these beach hut bowls below. In this smaller version, as usual I varied the design, and added a string of bunting connecting each hut. I created this design myself - it's not a traditional patchwork block like many others I do - so I am really pleased at the way it has turned out. This one is still warm - fresh out of the kiln today.

The colours positively sing of summer - really bright and gay (in the original sense of that word!).

And last but not least, my little flower buttons which I have to make masses of, as they are the ones I 'sew' onto my mixed media quilt bowls. The ones at the top are Christmas (there! I've said it!) buttons, which I will be taking to a few craft fairs towards the end of the year.

Now ..... I have to get back to my newly acquired garden swing seat. If I spend more than half an hour lying on it I find that when I'm in bed at night, I get the sensation that I am still swaying! Weird.


  1. Fantastic work, I'd love to see the bunting glazed.... I work in a similar way, unable to make too much of one thing.... it makes life much more interesting :) It is a shame we can't use the word gay these days without someone giggling... it does suit your work....
    Sue Xxx

  2. Oh yes, small batches keep things fresh- too many at once and all the pleasure goes.
    Love the bowl.

  3. I like the beach hut bowl

  4. I also love the beach hut bowl and would love to see the bunting when it's finished.

  5. Cant wait to see the finished bunting, i think it would be fantastic in my shed and makes a lovely and unusual change from the fabric style bunting...Justine x

  6. Oh the bunting is beautiful! You can't beat a bit of bunting! X

  7. ooo la la! thanks for your comment - adore your work. xx

  8. How dare you mention the 'C' word in August! Your bunting is lovely, nor surprised it sells so fast.

  9. these are totally gorgeous!!

    how clever are you- i've never heard of ceramic bunting!!!

    melissa- miss sew & so

  10. Love those flower buttons particularly that delicate pale green colour.

  11. The beach hut bowl is so pretty, and am looking forward to seeing the finished bunting.
    Love those buttons!
    Am extremely envious of your swing seat - my daughter and I both crave one!Hope you enjoy it!
    Interesting to hear what you say about the swaying sensation in bed - sometimes after very long car journeys I feel like I'm still moving forward when i shut my eyes!
    Gill xx

  12. What a lovely place. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for popping by and leaving a trail. I'll be back soon.