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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Outdoor Pottery

I had pottery deadlines to meet so I had to spend last weekend glazing lots of bisque fired pots.  But no way was I going to miss out on that glorious sunshine, so the pottery moved outside to the patio table.  I have all my glazes on a little wheelie trolley thingy so that was easy enough. By the way, that jar labelled 'Pink Gin' is not what you think ... more's the pity.  That's the name of the glaze colour. 

This picture was before I started.  The scene got a whole lot messier by the end.  The bees were quite interested in it all.  Money Spiders were obsessed with it - couldn't keep 'em away.  In the end, I just decided to paint them into the pots and let them fry in a 1040 degree kiln firing later that day!  Cruel, I know!

Then the summer winds got up and the leaves started falling down from the willow trees and landing in the pots.  But it was just the nicest way to spend the weekend!  I really get into the zone doing this and have been known to absent-mindedly dip my glazing bush into my cup of tea, instead of the pot of glaze.  I have never yet drunk any glaze though - not recommended!

This quilt block called Summer Winds is one that I really like, though I can't find out much about it.  It is a traditional block pattern but its original publication date is unknown.

This is another of the round bowl shaped pieces I've done, though more recently I have gone back to my original wavy edged look for these quilt bowls, which I think I prefer, but it's nice to do both.

One thing's for sure though, the quality of the light out there was ideal to work by, even if it was so hot I thought the pieces might fire without the kiln!!

Are you taking your craft/hobby outdoors this summer?

x Cathy


  1. It does sound lovely. If you have a suitable spot in the shade so there's no glare, working outside can be wonderful - although you do find yourself surrounded by a horde of unexpected animal and insect supervisors!

  2. What a great way to spend the week end. You had the best of worlds!
    You bring back sweet memories of my early potting days. I belonged to a co-op, but did not want to leave my house (and garden) in the woods in the summer. I bought a kick wheel from a friend and set up an outdoor studio (without a kiln) in the shade under the trees. Hmmmm....makes me think about doing it here.

  3. Hi Cathy, I don't blame you getting outside, and yes, we have annoying breezes all the time, and insects which encroach on anything I'm doing!

    I always thought that quilt block pattern was called Birds in the Air, and have never heard of one called Summer Winds ......perhaps it's a new name for an old block?

    Loving the pottery you are coming up with - and hopeThe Project is well under way! Lx

  4. Oh I love, love, love this plate. I quite like the idea of the money spiders being part of the plate even if it is a bit cruel.

  5. As always Cathy another beautiful creation! So pleased you were able to move outside. This plate is just gorgeous.
    So looking forward to giving The Birthday dish next Monday - will let you know how it goes, with photos, on my Blog! It is such a gorgeous present that if I hadn't had Lyn put on it I would probably have kept for myself to enjoy!!!!!
    Hope this gorgeous weather continues for a bit longer so we can all enjoy it. I am cross-stitching on the porch - with a glass of cider - bliss!

  6. I like the wavy edges best of all. Outside- very brave- sizzling hot here and paint/printing ink dries in moments indoors, let alone outside and as for heaving the sewing machine I'm keeping the outside for relaxing in once it gets to the cooler evening.

  7. How lovely to be able to work outside. I did listen to the tennis whilst in the garden but I haven't taken any work or crafting out there - yet!

  8. working outside sounds lovely!

  9. re newspaper parcels - I stuck a square of white on for the address and made sure the sticky tape went right round in both directions. They all got there so I think I will do it again! xxx

  10. It's winter here in Australia and I love reading about sunshine and summery days!! It's great to see you making the most of it by working outdoors and how perfectly perfect to create a plate based on the Summer Winds block.

  11. I just love the colours you use in your pieces, your signature palette is so unusual :)

  12. Gosh your pottery is beautiful, the colours and designs are stunning. Thank you for visiting my blog. Ann

  13. Love your account and pictures of working outside. Tried to read outside recently but was attacked by giant blue dragonfly.