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Monday, 15 July 2013

Today's Countdown Conundrum

My all-time favourite BFF (Best Friend Forever) loves nothing more than a good cryptic crossword; does the crossword in a newspaper before reading any of it; likes doing anagrams.  
Personally, word puzzles just don't do it for me and I have always felt that the answer to any crossword clue is 'Who Cares?'.

Sounds like a  bad Agatha Christie title!
If I were shipwrecked on a desert island with only a crossword to keep me occupied, I would probably colour in some of the blank squares, thus making a pretty black, white and the other colour patchwork pattern. I would then make a little origami boat out of my designer paper and sail it in a rock pool.

One for you, Lynne!
When my little boat had become water-logged, I would gather up the resulting paper mush and sculpt a small bowl.  Each day I would look for a different object which was both beautiful and tiny enough to fit into the bowl. This pastime would keep me from going completely bonkers .... though reading this you might say I'm half way there already!

I normally make these little letter tablets to put onto driftwood to make signs,(see side-bar example), but people do order individual letters on their own so that they can personalise their own particular project - a mosaic, or round the rim of a plant pot, or whatever.

So, tick, tick, tick - time's up.  Did you get today's countdown conundrum?

And, have you done today's crossword yet??

x Cathy


  1. Hi Cathy: love this blog - cos I love crosswords/codewords etc too!! Made me smile!
    Please check out my blog, picture of your beautiful bowl and thrilled recipient. Lyn was totally blown away - thank you for being so talented and making such a gorgeous gift x

  2. yes, I Love your blog too and when I won a give away from you a long time ago you also sent me some bits and pieces, one of them a huge pottery (clay) button and thought you might like to see where and what I did with it.... I used it for my crochet roll holder that i hand sewed! looks great and I like it very much!

  3. I like crosswords- but nice easy ones please, no reason to start the day with tooth grinding frustration!

  4. I like the Telegraph weekend crossword but I prefer killer sudoku!!

  5. Clever girl! Personally, I'm with you. About twice in my life I've known the answer to a crossword clue, and in spite of my love of language, the rest of the time I just haven't managed to care!

  6. Luvvit! How clever. Pinching the "nice hat lady" and with your permission will post it on my next blog post. We love the Independent Concise, and since retiring we have time to do it, with breakfast or with our elevenses if we are both in the house. (often we aren't!) Lx

  7. That looks like a lot of fun-creating unique, colorful letters! I'm with you on not being too fond of crossword puzzles.
    Hello from Idaho,

  8. I'm a big fan of crosswords, even though I am not terribly good at them. Love the letters and the way you use them....they could be Scrabble tiles!

  9. Hi Cathy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could discover your charming pottery! I love it! It is fun to see you using quilt themes on some of it. The plate you made for your sister-in-law is darling! And I love your little hanging houses! I suppose I have to sail across the sea to buy some of your work. :)

  10. These letters are so much fun!!! I love your ideas of what you would do with a crossword if you were being ship wrecked on an island.

  11. hi cathy, thanks for your comment on my blog and now ive discovered yours.
    I didn't think ceramics could be so much fun, I just love the letters...Im now going to have a poke about all your other posts, ali

  12. Ditto - brilliant :)

    I love crosswords but your idea of coloring squares just made my day :)))