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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

From little acorns .....

..... wonderful textile pieces grow! These are not just
ordinary acorns, these are are my own handmade ceramic acorns, some of which my friend Bev took home from my Open Studios a few weeks ago. They inspired her to make this gorgeous textile work of art below. She says she is going through a 'working with organza and metallic colours' phase at the moment.

You may wonder, like I often do, about what people do with your work when they've bought it and got it home ... is it a gift for someone? is it for them and if so where in their home are they going to put it? is it on a dresser in their kitchen or a coffee table in their living room? do their friends and family notice it, comment on it ... whatever.

So its so good to have someone actually post me a picture of what they did with the pieces the took away. I originally made a few of these to hang from the inside of one of my large patchwork pieces, but got carried away (as usual) and made loads! I'll dig out the photo of the large acorn bowl I made and post it next time. This post belongs to Bev though, I think! Clever lady.