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Friday, 4 June 2010

Tied up with String

No, not brown paper packages, but these little bundles of stem vases, which were among the batch of things I took out to the Alby Gallery late yesterday afternoon. I love dropping things off there - they are soooo nice and friendly and the whole place is a haven for crafty people. Click on their sign in the sidebar for more info.

It was a gloriously warm and sunny afternoon so Potter'sHubby and Potter'sSon were prevailed upon to drive on up the road to find the sea .... and it was beautiful. The wet sand beyond the rocks was all shimmery and silvery.

And the gulls were loving it too, though most of them seemed to think the water was still not warm enough, despite the hot sun shining down on it all day.

Yep - you're right - that is a rubbish photo and I do need a new camera but I have been the last one in this house to get my own laptop and I expect I'll be the last one to get a half-way decent camera too. One day... maybe .... please Father Christmas?

The evening was rounded off with fish and chips for tea, but no photos of them as they were not around long enough.


  1. Catherine,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, love your ceramic work so beautiful, I follow lots of craft blogs but your the first potter :) You have to add the followers toolbar to the side so I can follow your blog.

    All things nice...

  2. Yey - somebody is out there! Thanks 'All Things Nice' for the help - will do the 'followers toolbar' thingy and hopefully it'll work (not good with computers!). C.

  3. Helloooo!! Good luck with your blog - I have loved doing mine. Think your work looks great, blogland is a fab place to be and I have the pleasure of being your first follower x