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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Read the Signs

Just been tooooo busy to blog lately, sorry! I long for the times when I didn't have a 'list' on the go - I need another holiday!

Last year's holiday was partly spent on Lindisfarne where there were the most amazing expanses of beach with loads of driftwood. Honestly, we didn't have to look for it, we were tripping over it.

Its the best quality driftwood too - looks like its been honed by the sand and sea for centuries - really smooth and tactile.

I collected a few bits, thinking I might do something with them, but not knowing quite what. Now I know what, and I've run out of wood! Wish I'd filled the car boot with it now! Can't find quite the same thing on Norfolk beaches, but will continue the search cos its always good to have an excuse to go to the coast.

Which is where this lot is headed - to a little coastal gallery in North Norfolk, and of course they'll also be available off the website - in a few days' time.

Must remember to keep one back for my own little coastal hideaway - when I get one. Till then I'll just keep on dreaming!

Where's your dream cottage by the sea? And please don't tell me you are already living in it cos I'll be just too envious for words!


  1. Hi Catherine
    Love these! At the beach is my fav.

    St Ives of course!

  2. Hi Catherine - it's lovely to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my little blog earlier today and for leaving a comment (it's always great to hear from new visitors). I haven't a clue how you found me, but I hope you'll pop in again.
    I love your driftwood creations - they'd look lovely hanging in my (fingers crossed) new home :0)
    Jill x

  3. Jill - thanks. Maybe I'll make a 'good luck in your new home' one !

  4. oh so lovely! I got the most amazing piece of driftwood last weekend, it's Huge, nearly killed us getting it in the car! it was from Alnmouth beach, about 20 miles south of Lindisfarne - a gorgeous beach, and easier to get to when the tide is in!

  5. Hello! So happy you visited me today because it means I found you....such a talent, they're amazing! xxx

  6. These are really lovely. I would have a little hideaway on the mid Wales coast, a place of great beauty and hopefully isolation. One day....

  7. And now you have the perfect reason to return... or to plan another coastal holiday. Hoping to make it ot Brighton next week - I'm wanting a 'winter seaside experience.'

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have really enjoyed looking through your pottery and I will be back again!

  9. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog. Love your work, its gorgeous!

    Shirl x

  10. What a fabulous idea mounting the ceramics on driftwood. They look fantastic..eek and I do live by the a rambling farmhouse though.