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Thursday, 10 March 2011

In Glorious Colour

I took delivery of these new glaze colours a few weeks ago and just hoped to goodness that the colours turned out ok once they were fired. What qualifications do I need to get the great job of giving glaze colours their names - or paint colours for that matter? Top left then going clockwise we have : Crimson, Triton, Pacific, Poppy, Cold Star (??) and British Racing Green.

Years ago when the kids were small and insisted on going to MacDonald's, they used to get a pink gloopy milkshake that looked exactly like this Crimson glaze. They nearly burst a blood vessel trying to suck it up through the straw! (The milkshake, not the glaze).

Anyway - all is well and the colours are brilliantly bright and in-your-face, which is what I wanted. Needed a change from doing patchwork hearts, so did these flowery ones instead.

Haven't attached the wire hangers yet - just wanted to get the photos done before the light faded.

Russian folk-art seems to be all the rage at the moment, on wrapping paper, tins, greeting cards, everywhere - so thought I'd join in and make a few hanging Russian Dolls, and am really pleased with them.
I'll show you the larger (more serious) pieces which I also took out of the kiln today in my next post. Hope you like!


  1. Gorgeous colours and I know what you mean about the crimson one looking like MacDonald's strawberry milkshake - oooo you've made me fancy one now...

  2. very cute teapots!

    I forgot to say that when I was 13 I did my work experience in Poole Pottery, If I lived closer i would love to work there, shame they knocked the old factory down!

    I shall have to scan in some old photos now that I'm camera-less.


  3. The finished results look fabulous. I fired a small kiln full of tiles and mugs made at the weekend...and they turned out really well. I still hold my breath every time I open the kiln, I have had a few disasters but am learning !!

  4. Those tea pots are fantastic, I remember my kids with the milkshake as well. They used to go red in the face sometimes, couldn't stand the stuff myself.

  5. Hi there
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Love your pottery (if that is the right word), never done any myself. The hearts are lovely and the colours just right.
    Printing onto fabric is great fun and so much easier with modern printers. You can either do it yourself or buy the ready prepared fabric sheets to put straight in your printer. My new journal has inspired me to create a cushion with some old french postcards I have. Wish me luck! I will do a post about it when its done.

  6. Those Russian dolls are so cool. I like the expression on their faces.

  7. Hello, what beautiful work! I love the teapots...

    Lou xxx

  8. I always remember a great English lesson with colour paint charts and we had to think of what we'd call the colours. Oh yes it would be a great job to devise their names.

  9. I love them all, but the Russian dolls are probably my favourite. We did some tile decorating over the half term holidays and trying to convince my four year old that the grey colour would turn out purple took some doing:)