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Monday, 14 March 2011

Tricks of the Trade

So these are some of the larger pieces I took out of the kiln last week.
Some of you may remember this post from just before Christmas when I showed you my advent calendar made by my daughter which contained various cheap or found everyday objects which I could use to make patterns in soft clay.

She did an excellent job and one of the things she included has become my all-time favourite pottery tool.
You see the funny red pattern which forms the border round these two pieces?

It reminds me of the little plastic 'people' from the game of Cluedo - are they still shaped like that? Bet they've changed ... everything does. Anyway, rows and rows of Miss Scarlets is what I think of when I see this.

And I'd like to say I carved it all out individually in a mammoth painstaking way, but actually I just pressed into the clay with the said 'tool'.
What is it? Is it some sort of salad server or something? Or a badly designed soup spoon!

Anyway, whatever it is, it does the trick.
Do you have any tricks of your trade/craft/hobby?


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog today - thanks for popping over to mine! Your pinwheel design is lovely, I really liked seeing your ceramics and reading your entertaining blog. I'll be back!
    Helen x

  2. Hello - and thanks for visiting! Love your blog - I studies pottery at night school for 10 years, so I am passionate about it - Have you ever visited the PotFest?
    I also read your post about your visit to Morcambe - I am about 30 miles away, and spent a great deal of my mispent youth around Lancaster, Morcambe, Carnforth and Silverdale (Silverdale is somewhere you MUST visit if you are up here again, go to 'Wolf House Gallery' - you will want to move in!)Did you see the Eric Morcambe statue lit up at night?

    oh - an I am SURE clay would be an amazing material for an ACEO, I can't see why it wouldn't be 'allowed'!

    Your work is lovely - so vibrant, I especialy love the textiles look of it!


  3. JuicyFig - thank you ... all mentally noted for future visits!

  4. Hi Catherine! Thanks so much for popping over to Apples and Pears and leaving a lovely comment. I love your ceramic work...really do. I trained as an art historian but I have always been into making things and I did ceramics for a while many years ago and loved it. Lovely to meet you! x

  5. I love the the idea of little miss scarlet wandering around your pottery.

  6. What a clever clogs you are by using the spoony-fork thing. I love your textile-like ceramics, so sweet and unique.
    Thanks for stopping by nini makes so I could find you too!

  7. Looks like an instrument of torture to me but clearly very effective for crafting...

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated. I love your textiles inspired ceramics, really original and very clever.
    Ann x

  9. ooo just found your blog through you commenting on mine.. wow you have done some amamzing things.. i love the hearts and russian dolls you've done .. so clever

  10. I love your work, and I've no idea what that spoon is! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, it's always great to have "visitors"!

  11. Hi Catherine...I have added some of your work to my Love it! section on Apples and Pears x

  12. Clever you, what a brilliant idea. And for me it looks like a real fringe (with bead or knot at the end), super!

  13. LOL! Oh yes! You are a true Yorkshire woman!I'm off to visit a friend in Carperby tommorrow. It'll be a day full of wool, quilts, homemade food, dog walking in the Dales and friendship. Not necessarily in that order.

    Luuuuurve the floral hearts, very very much.

  14. How lovely that your daughter took the time to choose these artefact's for you and what a fantastic effect in the clay. I have no tricks of the trade yet, am on a huge learning curve.

  15. No tricks..I think! I am intrigued by your work and found you through Maggie..your comment was one above mine..I liked the way you commented so got curious..hence I'm here! I am going to follow you as I want to read more and see what you do and have done. Lovely blog!

  16. Hello Catherine and thanks for visiting my blog..
    Interesting that you too are in Norfolk... I used to know a Daniel, or maybe it was Daniels, when we first lived in the county back in the 80s, in a village called East Rudham.
    I couldn't believe the first picture on this post was ceramic and not fabric, until I looked at subsequent ones where the shine was apparent. I am in awe of so many talented ladies who blog. Like the last commentor, I was intrigued by your comment and had to look.
    I shall be back to see more of your beautiful work.

  17. Clever that the pin cushion looks as though it would be soft if you touched it - very realistic.