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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Make your own Beach Huts

First, roll out your clay and cut out lots of little beach huts.
Then roll out some more clay, imprint on to it your design and press it into a large round mould.
Stick your little beach huts all round the edge.

When the bowl has dried out, pop into the kiln and fire for the first time.
Take out of kiln and apply your different coloured glazes, and pop back into kiln for second firing.

Take out of kiln when done and HeyPresto! You have your Beach Huts Bowl - all bright and summery.

Don't forget to attach your little home-made shells which you made earlier.

And if you sell enough of these you could one day own your own real life Beach Hut. What colour would yours be and .... more importantly, what would you name it?

I can't decide between this gorgeous bright yellow one with its name straight out of Shakespeare's "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day" ...

or this wonderful aqua colour with a name that surely sums up the gentle art of sitting in the warmth, gazing out to sea with permanent access to a kettle and teabags!

Do you have one? Do you want one? What colour? What's its name?


  1. Gorgeous bowl, you are so talented ... :0)

    Hmmmmm beach hut, now let me see, it would have to be bright orange with a name like, Sunshine and Shells, very definitely sited at Southwold and if you have one going spare, can I have it?
    ... ;0)

    Shirl x

  2. Oh Cathy, you make it sound so easy to make those bowls, mine would look nothing like yours! My beach hut would be blue and would be called The Escape Plan.

  3. so lovely!
    I painted our shed to look like a blue and white beach hut, didn't give it a name though, must remedy that.

  4. I love beach huts and your bowl is fantastic. We have always coveted the huts on the beaches here. My beach hut would be pink and white, with the name written in a circle like rock.

  5. Well i just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment i did smile about the flowers ;-) Wow you have a lovely blog and you make some amazing pottery work. I love the beach hut so colourful and just reminds me of lovely warm summer days and sitting on the beach at lyme regis looking at the rows of beach huts. I would love one but they are far to expensive. I will look forward to seeing your future posts, dee x

  6. umm that would be the closest I would get to owning a beach hut around here ! no name only a number but - "the kettle is on - pop in for a cuppa!"

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and for your lovely comment. A beach hut really would be fantastic wouldn't it, but some of them are as expensive as a house these days. Where we holiday they are left unpainted and they look great but if I had a painted one I think it might be pale blue. Your beach hut bowl is gorgeous, wow!

  8. Oh Cathy, thanks for the instruction, I didn't know it's so easy to make your own beach hut :))) But I will start with baking tart - the process sounds similar and the beach can be filled with yummy veggies :)

  9. Those beach huts look so inviting. Loved the step by step guide, you make it look so easy, when I find my feet I must have a go at some of my own pottery.

  10. Greetings from Iowa, USA! So happy to find your lovely blog! I adore your work! Those beach houses on that piece are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing! Will be back to enjoy more!

  11. Thnks for visiting me. Love, love, love that beachhut bowl - you are very clever!

  12. Mine would be black - I'm drawn to the darker side! My only problem with a beach hut would be the lack of a loo. Those bowls are stunning.

  13. No I don't have one, yes I want one (desperately) in Southwold under Gun Hill. It's been a dream for years...

  14. If I had one it would be blue and white and today I would call it 'Ocean Views'..haha! I may change my mind tomorrow and have a different colour and call it by a different name!

  15. Your beach hut bowl is gorgeous! I love the added shells too. I would love to have a beach hut, but it's not very likely, so I content myself with stitching the images of them as often as I can! I like a name that reflects the summer, or the seaside - haven't chosen my final one yet!
    Helen x

  16. Hi Catherine, Thank you for visiting my nest. I love your blog and your work. The beach bowl is wonderful and the real huts are great. I would like maybe the Yellow and White trim and call it Daisy Days! (instead of lazy days) What do you think? Love finding your blog and happy you popped in to mine. Have a good weekend. xoRobin❤

  17. just found your blog and enjoying it very much!