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Saturday, 30 April 2011

And the Winner is ....

Hello everyone!

Am just back from a week in France, (of which more soon), so just a very short blog post to announce the winners of the Easter Giveaway.

My baby boy (aged 16) picked three names out of the hat and a little chick along with a pack of assorted bits and bobs will be winging its way to:

Gill at Dosie Rosie

Catherine at Kids and Capers

Winterwood (sorry I'm not sure of your actual name!)

Please could you email your details to :

Very many thanks to all who took part.

Bye for now - Cathy


  1. Congratulations to your winners. Hope you enjoyed your week in France ... :0)

    Shirl x

  2. Gutted it wasn't me! Well done everyone :)

  3. That has made my day thank you.

  4. Oh oh oh! Thank you! Thank you! :)))))))

  5. Congrats to the winners, lucky things!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! Great prizes.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just fainted! my name is krissie and I've never ever won anything before! wow.... off to get a very strong cup of tea now!

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting a while back- sorry I've taken so long to reply.
    Wow, I love your pottery.
    Where in Germany were you?

  9. Thank you for your comment..I'm glad you didn't remain hesitant.
    I have used Paisley a lot and the pieces you looked at are an evolution from the Paisley. I like your ceramics based on textiles.