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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chicks and Eggs and other stuff

I should have made more of these as they vanished as soon as they hit the shelves - please remind me of this next Easter!

They were fun to make - I love bright colours, as you may have guessed.

As hinted at in my last post, the PotterJotter nest is temporarily over-crowded with chicks who've flown back for Easter, and today we rooted out the decorative eggs they painted when they were tots.

I sincerely hope you can tell which I painted (above !! thankyou!) and which they painted (below).

I burst several blood vessels blowing the yolk out of all this lot so that they could be adorned in such an artistic way. Back in the day, one couldn't buy eggs readymade for decorating as I'm sure you can these days.

So the big chicks have been very bored and I've had them clearing stuff out. Any suggestions as to what to do with all these VHS videos? No-one wants them these days. I have a bin bag FULL in the back of my car at the moment, but where to next? The dump?
Please don't say our attic - that's Mr PotterJotter's answer to everything, and the upstairs ceilings are about to cave in under the weight of what's already there!

It makes me sad looking at them.
Its their childhood, told in videos.

(For Easter Giveaway, see previous post - closes 30 April)


  1. I know what you mean, I haven't got the heart to throw ours out, most of them I know word for word.

  2. Really like your Easter eggs and unlike chocolate ones, will last so much longer!! Take your videos to the thrift/charity shop, there are still plenty of people with video recorders and someone will be pleased to have them.

  3. lovely ceramic eggs beautiful colours. And those little hen's egg are great to and so delicate. Our charity shops take the video's you could try there i understand just what you mean about the children's childhood it is sad when they keep changing things all the time and so much waste to. dee x

  4. Love the eggs....I mean the ceramic ones, oh.... painting eggs.. that brings back memories, apart from having to blow loads for the kids over the years, I used to always decorate one up each for them, some have survived.... and as for those vhs tapes, give them to a school garden party, or charity shop, I'd still watch them if our video player hadn't blown up!!!
    Sue Xx

  5. I used to work at an aged care centre and they had a vhs player...I am sure they are still around living with people who never throw anything away!

  6. Lovely Easter goodies!

    Our charity shops won't even take VHS's any more - have you tried freecycle?

    Victoria x

  7. Thanks for all your suggestions - local charity shops won't take them, and we can't even give them away at car-boot sales, so maybe freecycle is the answer. What a palarva!

  8. Happy Easter too. Great seeing the process of egg making. And as other's have commented, Freecycle are a good place to offload VHS, though I still have a good VHS machine and therefore keeping my collection.

  9. Hi, thanks for your comments over at my place.... now I've found you!
    I think your work is stunning .... so colourful, and so different from the run of the mill stuff you see everywhere!
    I have two cupboards full of videos, and as you say, it is the whole of their childhood tucked away there. I haven't had the heart to deal with them yet. We can still use videos in school ... I've got a TV/video player in my room, and we can run them through the projector onto a big screen. When the the TV's break, they can't be replaced any more ... so fingers crossed mine works for a while longer!
    Have a nice Easter!

  10. I love the eggs, even the more rustic ones! And the little knitted bunnies - just up my street! And thank you for visiting my blog, too!

    Pomona x

  11. I love the eggs and those that you did with your children. What happy memories. Sad about the videos though, I think the attic - sorry.

  12. Happy Easter to you.
    Salad eaten!

  13. Aw, The Lion King. Used to watch it with my girls when they were little. Those moments are so precious.

  14. Lovely eggs, I really wish I had had more energy this Easter to do such fun crafts. I remember blowing eggs as a child, jolly hard work! I love Anne of Green Gables. I could happily sit and watch it now! We have literally an entire cupborad full of videos. DVDs are fine, but once they scratch they then don't work. Videos last for ever! (most of ours are vintage!!)
    Glad to see you had such a lovely Easter. Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.