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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

How to Make a Patchwork Quilt

So, no, of course I didn't actually make that one above - as if! That would have been a good one for April Fool's Day last week.
No, I make mine like this:
First I roll out the clay and imprint the design into it, putting a pretty flowery border all round the edge by pushing in a strip of lace. This particular quilt-block pattern is called 'Towers of Camelot' - can just about see why, I think!

When the whole design is complete, I think to myself: 'its gonna take a hell of a long time to paint glaze into all those flowers - why did I do that?!'

Then I carefully lift the flat piece off the cloth and push into a large round mould. I faff about with the edges a bit to make them nice and fluted and raggedy, in a smooth kind of way.

Into the kiln it goes and out of the kiln it comes. Then I glaze the whole thing, hoping the colours will work together as well in reality as they do in my head.

Into the kiln a second time and when its fired, I lift the lid whilst it is still very hot to have a cheeky peep, which I know I MUST NOT DO because one day the pieces will crack from the thermal shock of introducing cold air too soon - but I live dangerously and cannot wait.

The detail in the flower border was well worth the time and effort and, in fact, the whole thing was pretty much worth the effort. I take it out onto the sunny patio and take a terrible, hurried picture of it on a dirty grey patio slab, which does not do it justice ...

.... but, hey, I want to get this blog post done and get back out there in the sunshine. Its a pretty, Spring coloured bowl for a pretty, Spring coloured day.
Have you been out there today?


  1. looks like the sun is back :O)

    You really should have a go at patchwork you know!!

  2. I really like it. I think it's great to get some movement through the clay. I quite like to see something unexpected through a medium, it challenges the perception of the outcome. Have been mulling over the qualities of clay as both a resistant and non-resistant material. Would love to see some more work!

  3. Of course it is worth the effort, it is beautiful! And I love to see all those stages - even if I can imagine the process, to see it is something else.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  5. hi catherine, lovely to 'meet' you,and thanks for your comments on mine, i'm really inspired by patchwork {and embrodiery] too...what your doing here is really different and unique, amazing to see patchwork ceramic ., lovely stuff.........i hope your making a fortune...though i know how difficult that can be....

  6. That is so very pretty and delicate looking it looks like real lace on the edge. You do have an a amazing talent and i really like your designs there really soft. The sunshine is lovely enjoy your day, dee x

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment about my cards, owls do seem to be everywhere!

    Love your pottery too, very pretty. :) x

  8. Love your pottery Catherine and thanks for showing us the process. I did a bit of pottery at art college many many moons ago and have always got itchy fingers when I see clay.

    No I didn't embroider the tea cosy, I just made the padded liner for it, lol. It's an old one and I absolutely love it. We don't even use a teapot unless we have guests but I just like to see it out in the kitchen.

    OO! You've just given me an idea for a post. I might have to show the one piece of pottery that I have from college, give everyone a laugh!

  9. Beautiful. Can't wait to see what the spring sunshine will inspire you to create.

  10. Like your take on the patchwork quilt :) Your ceramics are really lovely.