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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

So, here I am doing my weekly blogpost a whole week late.  Shame on me!   I am a disgrace to bloggers everywhere.  I should be hounded out of the Blogosphere!  Are the shades of Blogdom to be thus polluted? (to paraphrase Lady Catherine).

But, you see, that's what you get for going on holiday ..... twice as much to do when you get back and half the time to do it in!  And, to be honest, I couldn't think of anything to blog about, because as you can see, I am just making the same old, same old.  Once I have agreed a certain range of products with a stockist, that's what I have to stick to and that's what I have to keep making .... over .... and .... over.... again!

I am allowed to vary the pattern, but the items have to remain the same. Sometimes, just for a walk on the wild side, I make up a design as I go along, like this one below.

So,as you see, I had nothing new to post about, until ..... Rachel at VirtuoSew Adventures came to my rescue by giving me this little blogging award:

I have to tell you some things about myself that you may not already know and then pass the award on to a few people whose sunny blogs I particularly enjoy for them to do likewise.

So Here Goes!

  • I have only been potting for about four or five years and in that short time I have been really lucky.
  • I am one of four children; I am married to one of five children; his mother was one of nine children; we have three children.
  • My pottery is influenced by textiles but I don't sew and couldn't make a quilt to save my life!
  • I love to travel and am currently planning a trip to Italy for September which I am sooooo looking forward to.
  • I need a lot of sleep and last night I stupidly stayed up til 2a.m. watching a film I have already seen at least four times!
  • I made sausage casserole for tea tonight, which is a winter dish really .... say no more!

There!  How exciting was that! And now,  I nominate the following blogs for a Sunshine Award.

Vintage Reading - for keeping me up to date with what I wish I had time to read!
The White House - for life on the Norfolk Coast
Four Happy Bunnies - for writing about the Norfolk Broads and Norfolk ice-cream.
Textile Treasury - for daring to post a picture of her poorly toe bandaged in rather tasteful floral fabric.
Hearts of Hampshire - for the loveliest header picture in blogland
Mouintain Ash - for showing us wonderfully creative needlework and quilty things and for living in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales.

(and if all those links work ... it'll be a miracle!).

x Cathy x


  1. Ahh, thanks Cathy, I am thrilled to get the award - will get my thinking cap on!
    Love all the work you are producing, I know you could sew if you put your mind to it- you are halfway there with your lovely designs!
    Heather x

  2. congrats on your award, intrigued as to what film kept you up so late!

  3. Congrats on the award! I love your colorful fish, and who knows, the quilting bug may bite you yet ;-)
    Italy? That sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Take care,

  4. Congratulations on your award, Cathy, aand I do admire you for persevering with umpteen versions of the same thing!
    Off to Italy? Can I carry your bags? I'm so envious, tell all, please!

    And you've awarded me! Goodness me, I've ARRIVED! Thank you so much, I'm chuffed to bits. do I do it? I mean, I can do the questions thingy but I never seem to be able to get people's 'buttons' onto my this going to be too techical for me?

    1. Hiya Lynne - I don't know how its done either!! I have a 'snipping tool' on my laptop and a just use that to save the image and then go into 'design' in Blogger to add the image into the sidebar. Am sure that's not the correct way, but it works for me! C.

    2. I think I've managed to get it on my next blog post (unpublished at the moment) but not into my side bar. Heck. Never mind, it's there somewhere! Tanks! Lx

  5. Making same things is tedious- just sewn 30 brooches...I stayed up way too late watching a film I'd seen before the other night too- was it the same one I wonder?

  6. I'm sure you will be inspired by Italy, I love it too. Agree about making the same things and its wonderful when you have time to create something different but the colours in your work make them seem very different anyway.

  7. Congratulations on your award Cathy and thank you for nominating me. Love your little fishes and dishes! xxx

  8. They are so pretty Cathy, I love the colour.
    I bet Christmas lunch in your house is done in sittings!

  9. Enjoy your trip to Italy when you get there, and thank you for the recommendations...

  10. I love your work its amazing your designs are so pretty, love the shape of your new bowl. I can understand how boring it must be making the same though over and over again. Congratulations on the award. dee x

  11. Poor you having to repeat so much, I avoid repeats like the plague but it does work against me!! My spinning is only ever small amounts of one batch - I tell people 'I don't spin for jumpers' and being commissioned for a quilt makes me quake because I just know inspiration will desert me.....I'm a once only girl I think!! Thanks for the lovely nomination for my quilt blog. Take care.

  12. Just catching up after my jollies. I really love t=your work - its so unique. xxxx

  13. Oh my...just found your amazing work via my friend Sarah...I feel the need to own one of your patchwork bowls! I live not to far from Peckover House and hope I'll find one of your amazing bowls in their shop!

  14. Hi, Cathy! Just found your charming blog via Lynne at Textile Treasury :o) And I`m ABSOLUTELY INLOVE IN YOUR ARTWORKS. I`m started to follow your blog and will put it in my sidebar, so I will never miss any your post :o)
    Congrats on your award too. So interesting read about you.
    Warmest wishes from Russia

  15. Well I found your lovely blog via Lynne at Textile Treasury and so glad I did. Your work is beautiful, so clever and colourful and jolly. I shall definitely be saving my pennies for something soon! Also good to 'meet' another Norfolk blogger.

  16. Ooh, congratulations on the award :D And wow that you have been potting for such a short time, your work belies that.

  17. Ah your pottery really makes me drool, just stunning!

  18. I can't believe you have only been potting for that short time. There I was assuming you had been doing it for a lifetime. That makes your lovely pieces even more lovely, somehow. x

  19. Here I am, a day late and a dollar short as usual! Thank you so much for my sunshine award! Couldn't have come from a more creative person! x