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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tastes Differ and Tastes Change

Sometimes when a piece comes out of the kiln, I look at it and don't quite know why I have reservations about it, but I do.  Over the years, though, I have forced myself to recognise that just because it's not to my own personal taste, does not mean that someone else out there will not think it is just wonderful!  I tell myself that Variety is the Spice of Life .... how boring would it be if we all liked the same thing?

I was thinking of this recently when I did my hearts giveaway and invited participants to commission their own personal heart/chicken with the colours and pattern they particularly liked.   Everyone asked for something different.

The two winners chose different patterns, but interestingly, the same colours.  Tess from Driftwood chose the blue, red and white daisies in the middle, and Heather from Hearts of Hampshire chose the patchwork on the right.  The one on the far left is another recent commission.

Do you sense a theme emerging here?  It does make you wonder how far our personal tastes are influenced by outside events, in view of the patriotic summer we are all having.
Whilst I love all of these choices, my own preferences at the moment are all greens and browns (trust me to buck the trend!).

And of course, tastes vary and tastes also CHANGE.  Mine change all the time.  Which is a good thing, otherwise I would still be dressed how I dressed in the 1970s and that was not a good look!  I look at those photos and wonder what we were thinking!

Well, I am about to set off with the Mr to take this lot and more to Anglesey Abbey.  I hope there is something here to suit most tastes!
No doubt he will force me to eat a large scone with a cuppa whilst we are there - some tastes never change!
Had better rush, so that we can make it back in time for the first football match of the day!!  Yawn!

x Cathy


  1. Arrgghhhh how did I miss your Giveaway?!Silly, silly me!
    Just loving the hearts in the red white and blues, but I also like the softer, earthier green and brown one.
    Your dishes look wonderful laid out ready to go - hope you have a good trip!
    Gill xx

  2. Hope you have a good trip. Loving the greens and browns too!
    Victoria xx

  3. It is interesting because I would have chosen one of the hens that you did. They are my favourite and I shall be on the look out for one when we manage to make it back across to Norfolk. Enjoy your scone, I will be thinking about you!

  4. I suspect you are going for green and brown because everyone's asking for red and blue!

  5. I sold a painting I really disliked at the weekend: never liked it, always thought it was pants, lady came to Open Studio hoiked it out of the 'spares' pile, expressed her love for it, gave me cash right there and then.I'm so pleased it has gone- that's the reverse of normal for me!
    From the quantity of the dishes awaiting transport,can I infer your work is selling well? Excellent!

  6. I think you might be right about the jubilee influences.! my heart is looking very pretty hanging up, thanks again!

  7. My Mum lives near Anglesey Abbey. I will pop in next time I visit and see you work in person.
    Congratulations to the winners. You lucky things.

  8. I want one of those hearts - but I live in Kent - are you selling them online as well? :)

  9. Hi Catherine,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog, let's hope others do the same! I too, love the daisy heart, but then I like simple flowers.I would have chosen one in the browns/greens, of dandelion clocks!

  10. Ooh, Cathy did I miss your giveaway? Snif...snif...
    Love your makes like always :o) All of them look pretty!
    Have a very nice day
    kisses from Russia ;o)
    Natasha & Fam.

  11. I'm sure you're right that events affect our colour choices, or rather that the colours we become used to seeing do. And of course light influences colour choice as well. My favourite colours are greys ... no idea what that says about me but apparently it's quite unusual.

  12. Oh I missed a giveaway- never mind.Love the hearts and am so looking forward to mine,just back to earth now so will email you my address etc...
    Have a happy week,
    Callie x

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