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Thursday, 13 January 2011

What a Pitcher!

I don't normally make many jugs because I find that they are not best suited to showing off a large quiltblock pattern, but just before Christmas I was commissioned to make a large jug as a 60th birthday present for someone's mother-in-law who was a quilter.

My 'instructions' were that it had to be in colours associated with Autumn, have a neutral/cream background, not be 'too busy', and have some sewing/button detail incorporated into the design.

So, a simple patchwork block was hand-painted onto each side of the jug and a run of stitches imprinted into the top and bottom rims.
Greens and Ochres were used to reflect Autumn, and a tiny ceramic button attached to each side at the top.

I rather like the finished piece and may make a few more, but with different patterns and colours. I think it would work really well in blues and yellows. But, more importantly, I received an email earlier this week to say that the 60 year old birthday girl really loved her present and was thrilled that no-one else would have one the same.

Its always great to get positive feedback like that. When work is sold from galleries, you have no idea who has bought it or where they have put it, or who it was for... only that it is out there somewhere.

That's why blogs are so useful, too. Because of the feedback.