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Monday, 30 May 2011

Starry Starry Starfish

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sand.
I found a tiny starfish
And put him in my hand.

An itty-bitty starfish
No bigger than my thumb,
A wet and golden starfish
Belonging to no one

I thought I would take him
From the tide pool by the sea,
And bring him home to give to you
A loving gift from me.

But as I held my starfish,
His skin began to dry.
Without his special seaside home,
My gift to you would die

I found a tiny starfish
In a tide pool by the sea.
I hope whoever finds him next
Will leave him there like me!

And the gift I've saved for you?
Is the best gift I can give:
I found a tiny starfish,
And for you, I let him live.

Dayle Ann Dodds (1952-)

Am having a bit of a Starfish moment! They'll be making their way to the Pick 'n' Mix Makers' Market at Holt in a few weeks' time. For details see sidebar top right.