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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Birds, Butterflies and Gardens

Sorry about my prolonged absence - have been having a little break from pottery and enjoying the slightly better weather. And being outside in our jungle, garden has focussed my attention on just what a mess it is!  I used to keep on top of the gardening years ago when I was not doing the pottery, but in the end something had to give cos I'm not Superwoman!  No, really, I'm not.

So, I enlisted the help of reluctant bored teenager, and slightly less reluctant hubby, to help me get the grounds to the estate back in some sort of shape.  Bored teenager's help didn't last long, but I think hubby, aka Mellors, is quite enjoying taking orders from the lady of the house.

So today I came home with these two little additions which may or may not thrive under our so-called care, as it's a bit 'survival of the fittest' on our humble plot, but you never know...

One is a Harlequin Buddleia, which I hope will attract the odd flutter-by or two, with any luck.

And the other is a Climbing Rose called Galway Bay, which I wish to see rambling round the front porch, please.  We built Potterjotter Towers twelve years ago, so quite why it has taken this long to get my rose round the door, I don't know!

And speaking of Butterflies, here is one I made earlier..... and measures 30cm across!!

This is it before it was fired, at the leather-hard dried clay stage.  And, unfortunatley, it flew off to its new home before I remembered to take a picture of the finished piece.  Silly me!!  All I can say is, it was EXTREMELY COLOURFUL and unlike any butterfly species known to man!

It went to a new (for me) outlet on the Norfolk Coast called Potter and Dibble, at Dersingham near Sandringham.  (Maybe the Queen will buy it when she's next there!)  Potter and Dibble is a lovely eclectic mix of all things beautiful for the home, so if you're out that way give it a whirl.

Now I need to do a belated whirl of my own visiting all your blogs! 

x Cathy x