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Monday, 11 November 2013


So I had an email a few weeks ago from Betty who lives in Salem, New Hampshire, USA.  (We went there once and ate Clam Chowder ... but I digress.)  Betty was after something special for a friend who loves quilting and chose, appropriately, a bowl depicting the 'Right Hand of Friendship' quilt block.

She chose a pale green and crimson colour combination - above is the bisque-fired piece with the glazing just started and below, glazing complete and ready to be fired again.

This is a traditional quilt block pattern published in the early 20th century and the perfect choice for a special friend.

I included all the special little touches, like the thread detail ....

and the sewn-on little button in a matching colour .....

and then wrapped it up for dear life in yards of bubble wrap, wished it Bon Voyage, and sent it off to the USA.  It arrived a few weeks later in one piece, and Betty emailed to say she was thrilled and couldn't wait to give it to her friend on her birthday.

I love interpreting these traditional designs onto clay, just for my own enjoyment, but a happy customer at the end of the process is always the icing on the cake.

Now, we are off on a quick visit to various off-spring at their universities up North.  We shall be based in Bronte country and Cathy will be accompanied by her very own Heathcliff !  
Giveaway post on my return - promise! 

x Cathy