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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello from Bunts!

Apparently, (and I'm sure you all knew this, but I didn't!), the Communications Officer on a ship is still, to this day, sometimes referred to as 'Bunts'.  This is because, back in the day, he would have been the one to signal messages using the ship's flags, or bunting.  

Yes, it's ceramic bunting time again!  Arrange them in order, above, outside on the garden table, thus making the most of the sunshine.  Then just thread the gingham ribbon through.

Luckily, just enough for three rows of bunting, before it ran out!

Then festoon gaily above the aga to lend an even more summery look to the newly painted duck-egg blue kitchen woodwork.  (Since the 'proper job' ended, I have painted just about everything that doesn't move!).

I am the Communications Officer on the good ship PotterJotter, and I think I have communicated something with my little flags here ....  so it's Over-and-Out from Bunts for now! 

Have you got your bunting out yet?

x Cathy

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Funny when you think about it ....

 .... and I did think about it as I was making this for my sister-in-law's birthday.  We get on really well and would be good friends independently of the fact that she happened to marry my brother, and yet .... we have hardly anything in common!

Carolyn is a farmer's daughter.  She is definitely a country girl.  Likes horses.  I don't.  She can deliver newborn lambs.  I couldn't and wouldn't!  I like creating things like these - she is not really and arty-crafty person!

She's quite sporty and goes to the gym a lot.  I'm not sporty and the gym bored me to tears when I tried it!

She and my brother used to go on coast-to-coast bike rides - it used to nearly kill me and the mister just pootling round our lanes for half an hour!

She lives in the Yorkshire Dales and I do love the Dales, so we have that in common, but really not much else!  And yet we talk for hours and email all the time.

Funny when you think about it.

Are your friends like you - or unlike you?

Talking of friends - I must catch up with you all now !

Cathy x