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Thursday, 20 December 2012

My First (but not last!) Quilt

So, as promised, here is some Christmas cheer, or more precisely something to give you a good laugh!
I finished my first ever quilt and really enjoyed making it.  I started with a plan (above) of what colour squares went where and then sewed them together in strips. I love these rich earthy colours - so wintery and warm.

I then embroidered five of the central plain squares with our family names and birthdays and then sewed the strips together to form the quilt top. Then I sandwiched together an old flannelette bed sheet,(which has made it REALLY cosy), my wadding in the middle and the quilt top on top and laid it all out on the floor.                                                            

Taped it to the floor so that it didn't move and pinned it all together all over.  It helped laying it out on the kitchen tiles as I knew it was all straight by the edge of the tiles!
I really loved doing the embroidered squares - I haven't done chain stitch (or any stitch!) since primary school, but it somehow all came back and was totally relaxing.

Even the little lazy daisies were lurking somewhere in the recesses of my brain.  I decided to machine quilt the whole thing together using rainbow thread.  I love the idea of hand-quilting, but I knew 100% that I would never finish it if I went down that route!  I cut binding strips from a matching creamy yellow material and sewed those round the edge.  So pleased with the colour as it really sets it off beautifully - did mitred corners and everything!

Some of the quilting isn't completely straight - I went diagonally across each square - but it's not too bad for a beginner, and to be honest, I found pushing and pulling something this huge through the machine was an art in itself!  But ..... ta daaa!  Here it is - our Family Quilt - all finished.  Even sewed a label on the back giving it's name, date and maker.

Eldest child has already claimed it when I die (nice!).

I can honestly say that the whole thing was really enjoyable to do.  Thank you Lynne for your advice on how to go about it all.  Please note that this is IN NO WAY a tutorial!  But there loads of on-line tutorials and u-tube videos out there to help at every stage.

I shall now be snuggling under this to watch Downton on Christmas Day.  To date I have watched Jamie's Christmas, Mary and Paul's Christmas, Nigella's Christmas, Hugh Fernley do daa's Christmas, Kirsty's Christmas and many many more and I can honestly say that I now feel absolutely ready to have Cathy's Christmas!

Thanks for visiting throughout this year.
A Very Happy Christmas everyone!
See you in 2013!
x Cathy