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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Cottage Industry

These itty-bitty cottages above are the latest additions to my range of hanging decorations (although they haven't got their little hangers attached yet!).  It was nice to make something other than hearts and chickens, popular though those are.  I didn't know until recently that people 'collect' my hanging decorations.  That's really nice to hear!

These ones are little rows of three cottages which curve round.  But then I wondered .... curve round what?

Well, a candle, maybe, for the Winter months, (which we have definitely left behind us now - Oh Yes!!)

So, maybe some spring flowers would be more appropriate, in a little jam jar tucked inside the cottages. Forgive the amateur flower arranging!  I don't know what these are but they take over our little patch each spring.

These and more will be wending their way to the Forum Shop in Norwich in the next few weeks, but I'll be adding them to the website soon.

How are your Spring flowers doing - any signs of life?

x Cathy