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Thursday, 24 May 2012

In no particular order ...

I shall announce the winners.

No, you did not win a holiday on the island of Crete - that's where I was last week.
Have you noticed that I brought the sunshine back with me.  I thought we all deserved it!

They've had their wettest winter ever out there, so everything is super green and flowery at the moment.

But enough of this.  Let's cut to the chase.  A big thank you to all who entered and left such nice comments but ... who did my baby boy pull out of the hat this time?


Congratulations both (if that's the right word!).
Please email me ( to let me know whether you'd like a hen or a heart, and whether you want an off-the-peg one now, or a made-to-your-own-specifications one in a few weeks time.

x Cathy x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Second Birthday Giveaway

So, in honour of my second blog birthday which is on Thursday, two lucky followers can have one of these above or one of these below.

You can have an off-the-peg one or if you want to wait a few weeks, you can specify your preferred design and colours and I will make one especially for you.
All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and it would of course be really nice if you could mention my Giveaway on your own blog.
More detailed pictures can be seen in my last post but one - scroll down.
Good Luck and I will prevail upon my baby boy to pick a winner out of a hat on Thursday 24th May.  
In the meantime I will leave you with some pictures taken at the various National Trust properties we have been delivering to over the last few weeks, where deliveries and jolly days out have merged into one!

Ickworth House - the Rotunda.

Below-stairs .....  where I always feel more at home, than in the grand rooms above!

Maybe it's because I just love a huge dresser crowded with gorgeous platters, copper pans and jelly moulds.

Wouldn't have like polishing His Lordship's boots, though!  But, then, his 'man' probably did that anyway.

I'd probably have skived off my duties to enjoy the grounds on the estate full of new-born lambs.

And Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge was equally lovely with glorious grounds just made for wandering through on a bright spring day.

We also delivered to Sutton Hoo and Peckover House, both in torrential thunderstorms, so no photos!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Leave a comment if you wish to be entered into the Giveaway.  Will be back in a few weeks to announce the winners.


Friday, 4 May 2012

When Things get Personal

When I start feeling a bit like a one-woman factory making these above, (that Block is 'Dove at the Window'), then I'm grateful for an opportunity to mix it up a bit by doing special commissions for people.
Recently I was asked to make a 40th Birthday wall-piece for someone's hubby, and could I please incorporate ....  a Chicken, a Tortoise, a Heart, a Boat, and something in green and yellow denoting Norwich City Football Club.

No sooner said than done (well, ok, three weeks later!) and this is what it turned out like.  They were rather pleased with my efforts, and a few weeks later, when it was 40th Birthday Boy's Granny's 100th Birthday (!!), they asked if I would make something for Gran, incorporating a few of her favourite things ..... A Racehorse and Jockey, Playing Cards, an Apple Pie, Hearts, a Church and a Golden Retriever!

Er ...  OK then.

I don't often talk about the cost of my work in this blog, but I don't mind telling you that I charged £45.00 for each of these, which I think is quite reasonable.  I have looked around at commemorative plates being sold by other potters, and they are way more expensive ...  we're talking over £100 easily!

If I were to make one of these for myself, (which would be rather silly and, let's face it, not much of a surprise!), I suppose my favourite things to be included would be ....  Pottery, Ballroom Dancing (I'm learning!), Hills and Dales, Hearts and Flowers, and a panel depicting a Mummy, Daddy, Girl and two Boys.

What five or six things would be on your commemorative wall plaque?  What are a few of your favourite things ....  Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens, Bright Copper Kettles?

Golden Retrievers?

Have a great gloriously sunny long weekend!  I know, I know ...


(p.s.   Giveaway coming next week).