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Monday, 31 May 2010

Tiny Pots for Tiny Tots

Well, we're about half way through Norfolk Open Studios and so far its been a rewarding experience in that I have been able to speak first hand to the people who buy what I make. You don't get this kind of feedback when you mostly sell through galleries, so it was good to meet the kind of people who are interested in my work. They all have their favourite pieces but one thing seems to be common to most of them and that is their backround. They mostly seem to be creative people with some sort of textiles element in their personal history. I have spoken to Textiles teachers, people who have done fashion design, and of course those who are mad about Quilting. But my favourite 'customer' of all was none of the above. She was about seven years old and visited with her Grandad. She chose to buy a little angel and a small birdy, similar to those in the picture above. Somehow, for reasons I haven't quite worked out yet, that particular sale meant more to me than all the larger ones. Maybe its just that its so gratifying to know that my pieces appeal to all ages, from the very young to the very old.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Baby Bunting

Just brought to fruition a slightly wacky idea (even for me!) - ceramic bunting! Made serveral sets and strung one of them up in my living room.
Have been looking forward to summer when no outdoor event is complete without its cheery, fluttery bunting. But in the meantime, my spirits lift each time I walk in and look above the hearth. Little multicoloured ceramic flags on white ribbon - and it just brightens up the whole room. Really just put it up to see if it looked OK, but its definitely staying! Our fireplace is always sumtuously dressed at Christmas time, and this is now going to be its Spring/Summer outfit.
Am visualising this also looking really effective in a seaside themed room in my coastal retreat (also only 'visualising' said retreat). Thinking of making sets in just pastels and some in bolds, and maybe some in reds/greens/gold for Christmas. Mmmmm!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Lots of Firsts

My first Blog post ~ Someone said to me today "Blogging is just another way of talking to yourself ... when I do that I get told off!". Well, I thought it might be fun to start a blog relating to my work, and I do sincerely hope that I'm not talking to myself! But, at the very least it forces me to keep a record (albeit a public one) of my activities relating to my ceramics.

Norfolk Open Studios ~ another 'first'.... have now finished most of my preparations for the upcoming Norfolk Open Studios which I am taking part in, commencing this weekend 22nd May. Very pleased with the variety and standard of the pieces produced - not too many casualties along the way thankfully. Will shortly be turning our living room into a temporary gallery for the three weekends of Open Studios. Normally pots are stored in a tiny study/gallery, prior to taking them out to art galleries, but a larger display space is required for this event. Can picture how it may look in my head - just a matter of translating that into reality! Here goes ...

Quilts Exhibition at V&A ~ Once Open Studios is over, looking forward to starting another body of work incorporating ideas inspired by my recent visit to the "Quilts" exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. This was a beautiful and fascinating little exhibit which I would recommend to anyone interested in textiles, needlework or social history.

Ceramic Review ~ and another 'first' .... was thrilled to have this picture of one of my pieces featured in the 'Gallery' pages of the current May/June issue of Ceramic Review. What a nice surprise to open my own copy and see it there - had no idea they had accepted it.