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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Colours

Today I went for a long drizzly cold walk which was cheered up by the sight of all these Autumn colours. It reminded me of a few months ago - in the middle of a very hot summer - when a gentleman contacted me to request a birthday bowl for his wife, who loved "Autumn colours".

He explained that his wife was an avid quilter who loved working with purples and browns and that one of her favourite patterns was the 'Bear Tracks' block.  So I got to work mapping out the pattern onto the wet clay,

and eventually used purple and amber as the main colours.  These are not two colours I regularly put together and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them.

As the recipient was a needlewoman, I added all the little touches, such as the thread detail, in toning colours,

and attached a handmade button whose surface pattern was made by impressing this metal bobbin into the clay (blurry photo, but you can see what I mean, I hope).

I then dispatched the finished piece which arrived on the lady's birthday and she was apparently absolutely delighted with her surprise present.

Funny how some colour combinations just speak of specific seasons of the year.  We'll all be in the midst of red/green/silver/gold before you can even say the word 'Christmas'!!  Oooops, I said it!

x Cathy

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Little Things

It's the little things in life which make all the difference - we all know that.  So when the National Trust's Anglesey Abbey order 70 little things from me, it really does make a difference!

As well as the usual hearts, hens, fish and birdhouses, I have extended the hanging decoration range to incorporate these:

and these:

(I love my hand-made ceramic beads!  They just come out so wonderfully glossy.)

And these:

though if you forced a full-size version of the camper-van on me ....  I wouldn't say no!

Speaking of Little Things, I took several pieces featured in recent blogs over to The Little Gallery in Dereham yesterday.  It is a super little place, full of the most gorgeous art and crafts .... I had to steel myself not to come out with more than I took in!  And I have to say, it is the friendliest gallery I have ever encountered.  Whilst I was there, folks just walked in off the street for a chat with Judy, the lovely owner.  They do craft workshops and all sorts of things, so if you're local or on holiday, do pop in!

Just a Little post from Little me for now.

X Cathy