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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

So, the above shows about half of those buttons I made threaded onto kiln-proof rods which are then placed onto the 'bead tree'. I don't know why they call it a 'bead tree' as it looks more like an Abacus to me.

The whole thing then goes into the kiln. It is an incredibly fiddly job. If any of those buttons touch each other, their glazes will fuse and the buttons will stick together. As you can see, some of them ARE touching, so more fiddly fiddling was required before blast off.

But they came out really well. This is only about half of them.

I still have loads of smaller ones to glaze, but after doing all these I was risking 'button glazing blindness', so I decided enough was enough.

I particularly like these leafy ones - their pattern is striking and unusual, which appeals to me.

Not sure you'd actually use them as functional buttons, possibly more as ornamentation for a garment, or a bag, or something.

I'll show you the rest of this kiln load next time.

Cheery Bye!


Friday, 17 June 2011

God is in the Detail ...

.... or is it the Devil who's in the detail - I never know!

At last week's craft fair, along with a few larger items, I sold nearly all my tiny bits and bobs - I think its a sign of the times that most people want to buy something, but can really only afford the itty-bitty bits. So, I needed to re-stock and I've been busy making millions of little buttons and beads of all shapes and sizes and adding detail to each one. OK - well, not quite millions, but it feels that way cos they're all a bit, well, fiddly and painstaking.
But worth it in the end!

I have some very exclusive tools (above) which I use for cutting out the different sizes - plastic bottle tops, an old lipstick tube and the top of a whiskey bottle - but they do the trick.

Once these are completely dry, I 'fettle' them - that's the technical name for smoothing off all the rough edges, etc. and into the old kiln they go.

All my little acorns got sold, so I've made more of those too. They always seem popular with other crafters, for adding to their own work to make it a bit different.

My textiley friend, Bev, used my acorns in her work last year and now she has asked me for some buttons and beads in blues and greens to add to her latest pieces. You can check out her blog here - she's just started it, so it would be nice to pop by and say hello if you have time.

Above is a slightly different take on a patchwork piece. Am still thinking about the glaze colours for it - not sure yet.

It came out of the first firing today, with all the above bits - so now I just have to get down to glazing them all.

Easier said than done, given that English student and Art student are both returning for the summer with all their 'stuff ' any day now! Where does the time go???

Bye for now - Cathy.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pick n Mix Makers Market - Holt - North Norfolk

And I suppose Life pretty much is a Beach if you happen to live, or be on holiday, in beautiful North Norfolk. Which is where I am heading on Saturday with the above wall-piece and other bits and bobs ...

... if I ever get it all packed up so that it arrives there in one piece. If only I'd chosen a craft which was, well, a bit less fragile!

Have done lots of sea-sidey things, which I'm hoping people will want to hang in their cottages by the sea - I know I would - if I had one - which I haven't - well not yet anyway - but one day - possibly - please - you never know!

So, do pop along if you're around there, and if not you can always visit the website
~ ~
and have a look at the other makers who'll be there.
They have some wonderful blogs - which I'm off to visit myself right now.

And, yes, I probably shall spend any profits I make on Saturday
buying other crafters' wares!
Oh well!