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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Happy New Creations !

Over the New Year period I was thinking of the pottery I had made during last year and new pieces I would like to make during 2014.  And I began to wonder where all my work had actually gone .... who had walked into a gallery or shop and bought it; was their purchase for them or a gift for someone else.  Where was the piece sitting right this moment? 

Then, as if the universe had heard me, I got a lovely email  from Rose who had received one of my large patchwork bowls as a Christmas gift from her sister-in-law who had purchased it from The Little Gallery in Dereham.  It is so nice to be able to follow one of my pieces right through the sales chain to the happy owner like this!

Rose's blog is well worth a visit : I had to pinch her photo of my/her bowl, as I forgot to take one of my own when I made it last year! 

So that's looking back ...... and now, looking forward  -  I have actually got round to trying a particular kind of quilting pattern which I have been meaning to make for ages. 

Here's a little picture clue of the beginnings of this new piece - watch this space to see how this all turns out!

In Rose's blog, she leaves us with the quote from Zora Neale Hurston:  "There are years that ask questions, and years that answer". 
What kind of year are you hoping for?

x Cathy


  1. I was in Dereham for a week after Christmas- and rather sad that the Little Gallery was closed for the ENTIRE week I was there. I was SO excited to see your lovely work displayed in the window though. "I read her blog" I declared to anybody who cared to listen.
    I think I really must ask my Norfolk relations to consider shopping there when it is my birthday!!

    New Year Blessings to you and yours xx

  2. Hi Cathy, my lovely vase has pride of place on my sideboard and is often full of beautiful flowers. The beautiful letter tiles you created for my son Kit are glued carefully on a piece of whitewashed driftwood and hung in his entrance hall in the family home in New Zealand- it is the first thing you see on entering, and they all love it. Lang may your lum reek as I think they inexplicably say north of the border, go on and produce more lovely pieces!

  3. How could you have forgotten to take a photo of that gorgeous bowl? I love the flowery border around the pinwheel center. It's wonderful that you know it's gone to a good home where it will be treasured. Your new project is fun, you'll have fun choosing what colours to glaze the hexies.

  4. Love love loving the hexies! Especially all the flower patterns. It will be beautiful. I love the quote too. It seems very fitting right now.

  5. Lovely indeed to hear from a happy owner!
    What do I want from the coming year? Peace of mind!

  6. That is a beautiful bowl. My ceramic heart is hanging on the wall above our bed under one of my paintings. Love it- think of you whenever I look at it, such a nice and unexpected gift! The buttons are awaiting a rather special project....will send photos once it is on the 'go'.x

  7. Oh my goodness! I love hand sewing hexies. Looking forward to seeing what colours you use on this piece. And I just love my patchwork bowl : - )

  8. Oh my goodness! I love hand sewing hexies. Looking forward to seeing what colours you use on this piece. And I just love my patchwork bowl : - )

  9. Wherever your beautiful bowls end up Cathy I am sure they will give pure delight and pleasure to their owner, as does the bowl you made for my friend Lyn - she just loves it.
    Love the ideas of hexagons, your work will look amazing.
    As for wishes for the year ahead - one wish has already been granted! I cannot wait for July/August when I will become a grandmother - so looking forward to all that comes with that wonderful role - I just have to be patient!! xx

  10. My paisley heart hangs in pride of place from the top of my oak cabinet. I was looking at it yesterday thinking about buying another one, to balance the cabinet up, you understand. For me 2014 started badly with one lot of ill health following another, but I am hoping for things to get better and for my Claire Bears business to really take off.

  11. Beautiful bowl Cathy and I love your hexagons too. xx

  12. All I know it's going to turn out fabulous!

  13. That's really quite neat that you heard back from someone who bought your work! Lin won your button giveaway and she's so delighted to have something that you made. Ah, hexies! That's a great idea and they are so addictive to work with. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  14. That's great that you know where one piece has gone, and how nice that she contacted you! It is a beautiful bowl.
    The hexies look exciting, and as they seem to have been everywhere this last year in patchwork I'm sure they will be popular! Looking forwrad to seeing it finished in all its lovely colours!
    Hope you have the kind of year that you hope for!
    Gill xx

  15. I started selling last year and I wonder the same thing. It's nice to know something you made is loved and appreciated by someone. The hexies you're working on look really good, can't wait what you make with them.

  16. Can't wait to see what you do with the new design. And yes, it must be lovely to follow things through to their new owners like that.

    So far this year I am questioning my sanity ... I've taken far too much on!

  17. I am looking for a year of goodness, maybe that is answers...
    Love the possibilities of the bowls.

  18. Cathy - was your latest post a try-out? it isn't loading. Lxxxx