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Friday, 28 February 2014

Blog Re-shuffle !!

Sadly, (sob, sob), this is going to be my final posting from this blog ...  but happily, I am going to continue from a shiny new blog!  And the reason for all this change?

Well, some of you may recall my tale of woe from last year when I was thrown on the scrap-heap made redundant from my part-time 'proper job'?  Thing is, my little pottery, popular as it is, is not enough to keep the wolf from the door and my kids in everlasting education! 
So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a plan, of sorts.

You all know how I've been taking these wonderful quiltblock patterns from their natural habitat to put them onto my handmade pottery.  Well, why stop there, I thought.  Why not extend these designs onto a few other bits and bobs?

Maybe just a small collection of kitchen textiles, china mugs and coasters, across four different designs? So I gave it a shot, and I'm thrilled to bits with how brilliantly these new products have turned out.

Only, this blog isn't ideal for showing this new stuff, so I've done a new blog that will include BOTH my handmade ceramics AND these new items, and other things crafty, creative and quilty.

I have absolutely loved doing my PotterJotter blog and I don't want to lose contact with you brilliant, supportive, creative friends out there, so I really hope that you will come over to the new blog with me.  I refuse to say 'follow me' as I hate that.  I have never felt you are all following me, any more than I am following you.  It always feels to me more like we just drop in for a chat now and again like mates do.

Oh yes .... the important bit:  my new blog is called PATCHY DETAILS.  And you may just find an introductory Giveaway there!

See you soon, I hope!

Bye for now.  x Cathy


  1. oh those look lovely. popping over to your new blog home now, put the kettle on.

  2. They do look gorgeous.. trekking over to your new home now...

  3. Brilliant idea! Works really well. The products look ever so attractive. Will,be popping by regularly

  4. They look gorgeous. Best of luck with your business.

  5. Ooh, how exciting! Hopping across to your new space now!

  6. Oh the new range looks fabulous and will love to pop over to your new blog so I can chat...
    Best of luck in the new venture..

  7. I hope you are still doing your pottery commissions because I have asked my husband for one for my next "special" birthday!I am on my way over now to your new blog.

  8. All the best....following you to the new address!

  9. Your new venture sounds wonderful!!!! I'm popping over to see your new website.

  10. Good luck with the new venture and I look forward to the new blog :-)

  11. Lovely work. Good luck with the new venture... just popping over now!

  12. Congratulations on your new products, they look wonderful! Good luck with your new site. See you soon.

  13. Just fantastic.....well done you for turning a gloomy situation around and making it work for you. Must take a leaf from your book. Very best wishes and hope it all goes from strength to strength as they say. x

  14. That's such a great idea! And there are so many awesome quilt blocks to choose from plus you can create your own if you want to.
    Best wishes to you,